Why waiting can be a major concern during the athletic recruiting process

Why waiting can be a major problem in the athletic recruiting processI had the chance to speak with an athlete before the basketball season started this winter.  When asking him about the schools recruiting him, he named a few and said that he was waiting for his senior season to get going so that colleges would start noticing him more.  I ended up writing an article about how this is a bad way to go about things simply because you need to market yourself to schools and it is difficult to try and impress scholarship level coaches with little attention beforehand.

So I ended up speaking with the athlete recently following his senior season of basketball.  This athlete, who is very gifted on the basketball court, ended up tearing up his knee.  He played throughout the season but was extremely limited and is now on crutches following surgery.  He struggled and his team struggled.

The point of this story is why have you not followed The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer?  If you have logged varsity playing time in your chosen sport, than there is no reason why you should not be creating a profile, finding schools that meet what you are looking for, and then marketing yourself to college coaches.

For those that have done the first few steps, are you happy with the amount of recruiting interest that you are receiving?  If not, then there is no reason not to go back through the list of schools and try to find five to ten more that may fit you at the college level.  If you don’t do this, then the school that may be perfect for you could end up securing a commitment from a player at your position because they normally don’t recruit your state.

Waiting can be a huge detriment to your overall recruiting process.  You never know what will happen tomorrow.  So if you have time today, there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t look over this site and find something you can do to help yourself in the recruiting process.  Could it be sending out tape?  Contacting Rivals/Scout about getting a profile?  Calling back a college coach to see if you can go to a Junior Day?  Or simply finishing your recruiting profile?

If you want to help yourself get evaluated by more coaches, strive to do something that will help at least once a week.  If you are taking the care of the recruiting process yourself, this is essential for the long haul.

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