Goal setting throughout the athletic recruiting process and how setting the bar high can help you overall

Goal setting throughout the athletic recruiting processAs my wife can attest to, I enjoy setting goals and writing them down on paper.  I think it allows me to focus on a number of different things that I need to do and keeps me on task as well.  My lists of goals on a regular basis didn’t start until after I was graduated from college and I was working full time.

But goals can be used everywhere, including throughout the athletic recruiting process.  When I talk about these goals, I am going to leave playing ability in your sport of choice out of the question.  The reason is because it is obvious that you will have to put in a ton of time to play at any college so that should be a given.  But for helping yourself in the recruiting process, goals are crucial.

My recommendation for athletes is to focus more on the short term goals.  Yes, you can have long term goals of playing college athletics but it is tough because everyone wants to write down the Division I goal.  The problem is if you do that, will that sway you into having Division I eyes and not looking at any other college options?  So short term goals it is!

As an athlete who has logged varsity minutes and wants to get started with goals, think about some short term things that you can do.  Here are six goals that I feel are vital to help yourself throughout the athletic recruiting process:

1.) Put together a recruiting profile
2.) Research schools in your state/surrounding states
3.) Send introductory emails to the college coaches that have what you are looking for athletically and academically
4.) Keep a list/build a database to track the coaches that you have contacted
5.) Put together a highlight video
6.) Post video online

For the most part, these really are things that I seemingly talk about all the time.  The reason is that they are methods that have worked in the past and will continue to work into the future as well.  If you haven’t done these, then what are you waiting for?

There are two keys to maintaining the goals that you set for yourself.  The first is to write it down.  If you think about it internally and that is all, then what will it matter if you never end up doing it?  That is why writing it down is so essential throughout the athletic recruiting process.

The second is after you write your goals down, you need to get started on them within 48 hours afterwards.  So if you would have written down your goals today at noon, then by Wednesday at noon, you will have needed to do something about them.  I am not just talking about looking into how you should make a recruiting profile.  I am talking about taking the steps needed to either get the job done or have it nearly finished.

After you finish that goal, then you should take the time to move on to the next goal.  For these six, these honestly should be done in order.  That will allow you to move on to the next and keep progressing with these steps.  Also, if you are unhappy with the lack of responses from the schools (after multiple attempts), then start researching the schools again and find more programs to look into.

Also, try to involve your entire family in this so that there is more than just one person helping you to achieve these goals.  Your parents or a sibling may be willing to help you achieve your long term goal of playing college athletics.  But first, there will be a lot of short term goals that must be achieved.

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