What happens at a Junior Day during the football recruiting process from the perspective of an athlete in attendance?

What happens at a Junior Day during the football recruiting process from the eyes of an athlete?I have written a number of different articles talking about what a Junior Day is and what happens throughout these visits.  These are important events during the football recruiting process that I would recommend if you have the time and money to travel there.

And while I can only pass along what I know happens during a Junior Day, this time I enlisted the help of a number of athletes who have made these visits.  Each of these quotes are from a number of players who all made a visit to the same Junior Day.  See for yourself what they say about the event and what their overall thoughts are:

“They started off with a tour. They showed the campus and stuff. Then we talked about football with the coaches. We ate in one of their eating places on campus. I had to leave early to go a spring game but I talked to the head coach and tight end coach.”

“First, we had a look at their facilities and the new weight room they are building. Then they had this room that showed you what type of form you had with your running. Then we took a tour of the campus and they showed us all of the different buildings for academics. After that, we went back to (their stadium) and talked to the strength and conditioning coach as well as a couple of other coaches. Then we ate at their restaurant place. After that, we talked to the head coach and then split into different position groups. I went with the running backs and talked to the running back coach. He just said how he coached and what they have done in past years to have success. After that we watched their hit film tape from last year.”

“We did the tour right away and then we went into a big room where the strength coach talked. The academic guy talked about him and we went and ate lunch when that was done. (Their head coach) talked and then we broke into position meetings. I went with the linebackers. They got a new linebackers coach and he was new so he could relate to what we were going through. He seemed pretty cool.  We had a final talk with (their head coach) and then watched the highlight video. It started at 10:30 and was done at 2:30.”

“We got a chance to watch the practice at the beginning. We just watched them go through their drills. They gave us a campus tour and we moved with the coaches to our individual positions. Then we talked to each of the coaches. I liked that a lot. They fed us lunch at one of the dining halls. I thought it was good to get a taste of college and what it will be like there.”

“At first, we got into groups and they showed us their facilities. We took a tour around the campus. After that, we had lunch and talked to the coaches a little bit. Then we split into groups by position and I talked to the position coach.”

“We toured the campus. Then they showed us the academic center. We talked football with them. After lunch, they talked to us about what they expect for recruits and what we need to know to play there.”

“First we got to tour the campus a little bit and see everything. Then we got to eat at cafeteria, which is awesome. Then we went into individual groups so I went with the offensive linemen. We talked and then went into individual sections.”

“We just checked in and watched their practice for 45 minutes. They were split into groups by position so we could watch quarterbacks or linebackers. After 45 minutes, everyone headed into a little room where they broke off into different groups and toured the campus. Then everyone heard the strength and conditioning coach. It sounds like they are really doing some technologically advanced stuff. Then we all went and ate in the cafeteria. We listened to (their head coach) and an admission guy about how to get into school there. Then the position coaches talked to us. We watched a highlight tape and (their head coach) recapped it all.”

“When we went there, we went to the practice and got to go on the field. Then they took us on a campus tour and saw all the facilities. Then we went and ate lunch, met with (their head coach), our position coaches, and then left.”

“We started with the tour first with a student ambassador. Then we ate and met with our position coaches. We talked to them and I got to talk to the recruiter in my area a little bit.”

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