The spring evaluation process starts today for junior football recruits across the country and what you should/hope to expect

The spring evaluation process starts today for junior football recruits across the countryAccording to NCAA rules, today is the beginning of the evaluation process for junior football recruits across the country.  What this means for the most part is that assistant coaches from basically every Division I-A and I-AA college will be traveling the country and visiting high schools.

Why does this really matter?  College coaches use this time for a number of different things.  The first is to either build or continue to improve the relationships with the high school coaches in the area.  It is important for them to foster these relationships because they are crucial for landing either players from their high school or eventually being tipped off on an opposing athlete with the skills needed to play at their level.

These coaches will also be using their time traveling to different high schools as a way to get learn more about certain players that they are recruiting.  If they are serious about a player but feel that there may be reservations about their character, the coach may use a trip to certain schools as a fact finding mission.  If the rumor is a kid is lazy but he is an exceptional athlete, there is no doubt that he will be looking for more sources than just the high school coach to either confirm or verify what has been told.

In order to find out this information, expect the coaches to speak with just about as many people in the school as they possibly can.  There have been stories about college coaches befriending janitors at high schools because they are able to provide them with the information that they are looking for.  That alone means you should treat everyone well that works at the school, no matter who it is.  Something minor like disrespect to the custodian could end up costing you a scholarship from your dream school.

Coaches will also be using this time at the schools with legit junior prospects to learn more about them.  They may watch game tape with the high school coach or request get more video so that they can evaluate it later on.  It is much easier handing a highlight tape off to a coach who visits the school then trying to send it to him and seeing if it can get to him that way.

As I have talked about before and will talk about again, coaches will make sure to try and bump into you in the halls so that you can say hello.  While NCAA rules does not allow much more than a hello in passing if they happen to see you, the reason for this is that they can confirm your listed size.  If they have not seen you in person yet, they will definitely use this to their advantage.  If you have met them at a fall visit or a Junior Day during the winter, they may want to eye you up again to determine if you have gotten bigger since.

Again, I mentioned the NCAA rule about saying hello but I know that the majority of high school coaches will request that the recruited athletes leave class and come say hello.  This happens all the time so despite what the rules say, this run in likely won’t be left to change.  The prep coach will make sure it happens.  That is why attendance is important during the next month and a half.

The coaches that make their rounds to the school will also be looking for younger prospects that they will be keeping a close eye on.  These names are essential for them and their recruiting databases in future seasons.  Speaking with the coaches about their players and the talent around their league/area should help the college coaches know what prospects will be the stars in years to come.

I did not speak much about phone calls during the evaluation period simply because most coaches first do their rounds and then later on start with the calls.  These phone calls finally give you a call to figure out what coaches are serious about you and your ability.  But as of now, your focus should be on the in school visits by these coaches.

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