Taking the time to process athletic recruiting visits and the importance of not making a quick final decision

Taking the time to process athletic recruiting visits and the importance of not making rash college decisionsI recently had a chance to speak with a parent of one of the top basketball players in the country.  This recruit has excelled against the top players on the AAU circuit and he basically can name any college in the country that he wants to go and he will receive a scholarship to play hoops there.  And although not all athletes are blessed with the ability that this athlete has, what sets the family apart in my eyes is their overall thoughts on the recruiting process.

When talking them about a recent athlete who decommitted, they made sure to talk about the importance of staying strong with a commitment.  That is why despite so many offers and opportunities, this athlete is only going to be making one college decision.  They are going to research all of the programs recruiting their son and figure out what will give him the best chance to succeed athletically and academically.  But what I found extremely interesting was what they said about college visits.

If you look at what the University of Texas has done in past recruiting classes, there is no doubt that momentum and quick decisions have played a role in the fact that they have received commitments from twenty one different athletes.  But what if these athletes didn’t get a chance to really digest the situations?  For some, they were definitely worried that if they didn’t commit quickly, then there was a chance that there would not be a scholarship available from the Longhorns.

The reason why I am talking about Texas is because with recruiting momentum and so many commitments going on, recruits who picked UT are not exactly digesting the visit and then weighing their options.  I did mention the fear that another recruit may take their scholarship, but if Texas offers a player, chances are a number of other schools will.

What this family has mentioned to me is that they have had a chance to see first hand a number of top basketball programs across the country.  But instead of riding the recruiting momentum after loving certain visits and making a college decision, they have taken the opportunity to sit back for a while and digest the trip.  For one top school, they said that digestion took nearly a month simply because there were so many different things that they were wowed by.

Every recruit out there reading this site obviously hopes that they have the chance to play their sport of choice at the scholarship level.  I am sure you would also love to have multiple schools knocking down the door with scholarship offers.  And if you do, the good news is that in reading this article that you need to take your time after a visit, reflect, and possibly write out some of the pros and cons.

You could do this for any visit but this is most likely for the schools that have already offered scholarships.  Writing down the pros and cons of a Junior Day from a school that has not offered you is fine but there is definitely no guarantee of a scholarship offer on the plate.

One thing the college coaches at the schools may do is help push the recruiting wave into getting kids committed.  They may talk about how their is only one scholarship left at your position and there are multiple athletes being offered.  But unless you know for a 100% fact that this is the place you want to go, then it may be worth waiting.  If that school is meant to be, then the scholarship will still be on the table and you can eventually end up there.  If not, you will find somewhere else that may actually be a better fit overall and help you see the field earlier.

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