One thing to think about when putting your highlight video and recruiting profile together early on

One thing to think about when putting your highlight video and recruiting profile togetherI recently had an email from a reader wondering why exactly he had not been hearing back from college coaches.  This athlete was sending out a recruiting profile to the coaches and only had heard back from a small number of them.

In other articles, I had talked about how some athletes hear back from 70% to 80% of the college coaches that they send their athletic recruiting profiles to.  This happens when an athlete/family does an excellent job with the recruiting profile and has their video widely available online. But in looking at the profile of this athlete, it got me thinking about something that I need to continue to stress to those who want to be recruited.

What I feel that I need to say for yet another time is that anything that you do during the athletic recruiting process should be based upon what will help you get evaluated and possibly get a scholarship offer.

Think about that for a second.  Have you made your highlight video?  If so, take a look at it and try to answer that question.  Are there things on the recruiting highlight video that should not be there?  Could you have paid thousands of dollars to get a video done with stuff that is unnecessary.

College coaches want to have the information that is needed to recruit an athlete.  That includes legit size, testing times, testing weights, video, academics, stats, and accomplishments.  Outside of that, is there anything else that they really need?  And if they do need more inside information about you, they are likely to get it through a coach or someone at the school (this could include work ethic, behavior, and things along those lines).

So going back to this recruiting profile (let me stress that I am not picking on the person who sent it to me, just trying to inform all of our readers of something they should avoid), the athlete had a page full of pictures.  While I think a good headshot in your profile is something that should be included, is three or four action shots really going to get you a scholarship?

The key here is being efficient with the time of the college coach.  Even if he decides to offer a scholarship or doesn’t think you are good enough, you want to have your video and profile in a professional format that is easy to read/view and can be done quickly by the college coach.

If there are any issues, will that coach really continue to find a new program to open the file?  Will they call you to let you know that they received it and cannot open it?  If your DVD doesn’t play properly in their player, will they track you down to get another copy?

Before sending out your highlight video, think for a second.  Is this in the most efficient package and does everything that I have included relate to helping me in recruiting?  Interviews, excessive photos, big graphics, and things along those lines are not needed.  The basics are what will help you get a scholarship, not an expensive video package.

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