My dream school hasn’t called yet during the football recruiting evaluation period. What should I do? Do I need to move on?

My dream school hasn't called yet during the football recruiting evaluation period. What should I do?I received an email with a question that was somewhat similar to this.  The family wanted to know what to do because they had received calls from other schools but their dream school had not contacted them over the phone as of yet.  The athlete was already starting to get mad about it and was going to take steps to avoid them in the future.

That is a huge problem.  The evaluation period is forty five days.  There are a lot of opportunities for coaches to call you.  And if they don’t, then they obviously do not have you high on their radar.  It may be your dream school right now in your mind but it doesn’t mean it will be in February when you need to sign your Letter of Intent.

If your dream school has not called, the first thing that you must not do is get worked up about it.  What good is it going to do to get mad about the situation?  There is nothing good that will come out of you getting upset.  You do also have to realize that there are still weeks left of the football recruiting spring evaluation period.  I am not trying to get your hopes up but there is still plenty of time to field calls from college coaches.

You may want to send an email or call the coaches yourself just to check in.  That is your call and something that you may want to do if you are getting anxious.  But if you do that, will they call you back later in the month?  Since they already spoke with you, is that something they are going to do?  An email may be the best option because a call may make it fuzzy in trying to gauge the interest that you have from that particular program.

What happens if the month of May flies by and your dream school has not called you?  Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of athletes.  State University recruits across the country but apparently doesn’t think highly enough of you to give you a call?  What this signals is that they are not serious about you and that you need to seriously consider other recruiting options.  State University may be a great place but that doesn’t mean it is the best place for you overall.

I hate to say that you need to cross out your dream school if they don’t call but I would guess that 95% (or more) of the Division I-A (BCS) offers come from schools that call the athletes during the evaluation period.  There are certain exceptions (an athlete being an amazing diamond in the rough, a coaching change, or a player just adding offer after offer) but that number is a reality.

In all of my articles, I have never once said that you should pin all your hopes on your dream school.  It doesn’t matter if you have been going to their games since you were five.  The recruiting process can be a cold business and even if you love a school, that doesn’t mean you will end up getting a scholarship or even an opportunity to walk-on there.  That is why focusing on your dream school and their hopeful call is a mistake.

The focus now should be learning about the schools that are calling, logging the calls, and asking specific questions about what their program has to offer.  If you are lucky enough to get any calls from college coaches (and I don’t care what Division), you should feel extremely lucky.  So take advantage of what attention you are getting and don’t harp on the fact that State University has not called.

And if you are not happy with your recruiting attention, go back through The Five Steps to a Scholarship and market yourself to some new programs.  This would be broadening your horizons and possibly looking into new schools that you had not heard from prior to this.

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