Football recruiting Q&A for parents who have been through it before – Part 1

Football recruiting questions for parents who have been through it - Part 1In the past, we have had parents who were nice enough to answer our questions regarding the recruiting process.We felt that we would bring more of these question and answers for those who are either going through the football recruiting process or about to go through it.

The parents that we sent this question and answer to have three sons. The first son, now in college, ended up walking on at an FCS school. The second son, now a senior in high school, recently accepted a scholarship to play at the Division II level. They also have a third son who just started high school. This is part one of a two part article. Here is what they said:

Please describe the recruiting process for your first son? The football recruiting process for our first son was a learning experience. What eventually made it a little easier was the fact that our son became only interested in pursuing a couple different schools.

Had you had any experience with recruiting prior to this? No, this was our first experience with recruiting.

Please describe the recruiting process for your second son? The football recruiting process for our second son was much more involved. He was interested in a number of schools.

Did you learn a lot from the first son to the second? Yes, we learned quite a bit about recruiting in general from our first experience, but the fact that each son was recruited to play such different positions made the experiences different (Note: One son was recruited as a quarterback while another was recruited as a linebacker/safety).

What was the hardest part of the recruiting process? The advantage of having the opportunity to go through the recruiting process completely outweighs any part that I will say was hard. Having the opportunity to explore the athletic, academic and social aspects of so many different schools has been very beneficial to our sons and our family. With that said, I would answer this question by saying, first, it was hard trying to keep straight all the different NCAA rules and regulations. Second, trying to determine just where our sons stood with some programs. Finally, having to tell some first class coaches and their programs that we have decided to attend a different school.

Were all coaches honest with you during the process? I cannot say that we were ever lied to, but there were times when coaches said things that led us to believe they were more interested in our son than they really were. I would strongly recommend that athletes consistently ask their recruiting coach where they currently stand with the program because it can change from one coaching staff meeting to the next.

How many summer camp invites did you receive? There are two different types of invites to camp. There are those invites that go out to A LOT of players regardless of the interest the program has in them. Then there are invites to players who the program wants to evaluate. We received an equal number of both.

How many summer camps did you attend? Once we learned that the huge 3-5 day camps were not very useful for our sons, we looked for the one day camps. Our first son attended 3-4 single position camps each summer and one team camp. Our second son attended six, one-day multi-position camps and a team camp.

Look for part two in the very near future!

*A special thanks to the parents for helping me out with this article

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