Football recruiting Q&A for parents who have been through it before – Part 2

Football recruiting questions for parents who have been through it - Part 2In the past, we have had parents who were nice enough to answer our questions regarding the recruiting process. With Signing Day so close now, we felt that we would bring more of these question and answers for those who are either going through the football recruiting process or about to go through it.

The parents that we sent this question and answer to have three sons. The first son, now in college, ended up walking on at an FCS school. The second son, now a senior in high school, recently accepted a scholarship to play at the Division II level. They also have a third son who just started high school. This is part two of a two part article. Here is what they said:

How many highlight tapes did you send to college coaches? This is an area where we learned the importance of a good highlight tape. We made the mistake of only sending out a few tapes for our first son. We sent out 12 junior highlight tapes for our second son; 12 tapes of the first 4 games of his senior season and 12 tapes of his entire senior season. Having a good highlight tape is essential to recruiting.

Did you use a recruiting service for this? No – many recruiting services contacted us and we listened to each of them, but we found them to be too costly.

If not, was it tough keeping track of recruiting? No, we made files for each school that was contacting our sons. In the files we included all communications, i.e. letters, e-mails, notes from phone calls.

How many schools offered your son a scholarship? Our first son received 2 scholarship offers and our second son received four.

How many official visits did your son go on? Did your family go with him? Our first son went on 2 official visits and our second son took all 5 official visits. Yes, both parents went on each official visit.

Why did your son decide on the Division II route instead of walking on or going Junior College? Even though he was given opportunities to walk-on at Division I and I-AA programs, those programs didn’t guarantee any playing time. The Division II schools assured him early playing time. We never considered Junior College.

Are you going to do anything different with the recruiting process for your next son? We’re not sure we’ll do anything differently, but it’s nice to know that we are more educated about the process, which should make things easier.

Do you have any advice for parents about to go through the process?

  • Know that the process takes a lot of time.
  • Having a good highlight tape is very important.
  • It’s important to attend as many game day invites as you can.
  • Become as educated as you can about the recruiting process. The recruiting seminars are excellent.
  • Make sure you frequently communicate with your high school head coach as he plays a key role in the recruiting process.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your son.
  • Have fun with the process knowing that it provides great opportunities.

    *A special thanks to the parents for helping me out with this article

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