One Day Football Camps vs. Three Day Football Camps and which path you should take on the recruiting front

One Day Football Camps vs. Three Day Football CampsWith football camps going on throughout the country, many athletes are hoping that they can finally get a chance to showcase their skills in front of college coaches and receive a scholarship offer.  And while few get a chance to actually live that dream, many are at least spending some time at these camps.  The question is how long should they be there?

In all honesty, the answer to that question really depends on a lot of things.  The biggest factor is if you are there strictly to get recruited.  If that is the case and the coaches are serious about you as a recruit, they will do whatever they can to accommodate your schedule so that they can see you in action.  The coaches should be able to see you in action for a full day and figure out what the next step is in recruiting.  It may be to offer, continue recruiting, or move on to another prospect.  But at the very least, they will figure out one of of those three options.

If you are attending the camp to get better as a player and have heard great things about the coaching there, my advice would be to stay for the week.  The majority of this type of camp is either at a smaller school or a camp that is not even affiliated with a school.  That means instead of worrying about recruiting, they are able to actually coach the players and help them become better.  The evaluation process for recruiting is hard to do when you are trying to coach other players as well.

Going back to the one day camps, the big advantage of these is the money factor.  If a camp costs $300 for three days, I would assume one day would cost $100.  That saves you a big chunk of money right there.  If you have a busy summer of football camps, that $200 will quickly add up.  If your plans are to go to five camps, that is $1,000 right there.

In my opinion, the majority of college coaches will have a pretty good idea of your skill level after watching and evaluating you for one day.  The only time I have ever heard a recruit get asked to stay the second day was for a prospect who eventually got an offer.  But the coaching staff was fired before he signed so that may be a sign of their coaching.

These coaches may want to rewatch your highlight video and see how you progress during the senior season but they will at least have a better idea of your ability.  While the coaches may be truthful, expect a generic answer related to your senior season and your progress if you did not wow them right away.  Kids that really stand out at camps more often than not get an offer with twenty four hours.

Again, I am a huge believer in only going to one day of camp.  It saves your body from getting beat up over long camp stretches and should be more than enough for the coaches to evaluate you.  If anything, save the money here and invest it in a high quality highlight tape (see for more) after the first few games of your senior season.  If the school is still interested in you, they will be requesting that early in the fall to evaluate you further.

Every situation of athletes are unique and some may want to spend more time around coaches and the program.  It may be the school that they grew up routing for and they just want to be as close to the program as possible.  But if that is not the case, then don’t feel going to camp should last three days.  It really is up to you as an athlete as well as depending on your summer schedule.

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