Recruiting Highlight Tapes, Coaches, and Lies due to Laziness

Recruiting Highlight Tapes, Coaches, and LiesThis past weekend I had a chance to talk to a family friend about potentially playing college soccer. While this is obviously a sport that does not receive too much coverage on here, a lot of the recruiting principals that I talk about do apply to other sports. And while some are different, the advice here can help users get through the soccer recruiting process as well.

Anyways, the athlete was talking about how he wants to play soccer at the college level. Since I love seeing that, I was happy to talk to him about. He asked me about putting together a highlight tape and then he dropped a bomb on me. His high school coach had told him it was illegal for coaches to send out highlight tapes before the end of their senior year.

Now I know that the NCAA rules for soccer and other sports vary. I am extremely realistic about that. But the garbage spewing from the mouth of his coach appalled me. I don’t care what sport you play, if you want to send a college coach a highlight tape from your seventh grade game, you can. There are no rules that prohibit that.

And again, sending the tape definitely does not mean that they are going to watch it. If you don’t contact them beforehand, chances are high that the tape will eventually end up in the garbage. But as a high school varsity coach, you should know better. It made me sick that a coach would say something like that.

The reason that the coach did this was because he was is lazy. At the very least, just tell the athlete the truth and tell him you think it is best to wait until at least after his senior season. While I know this would be way too late in football and basketball, it might be a decent time in soccer.

It is great to have a high school coach with the time and knowledge to put a quality recruiting highlight tape together. But honestly, it is rare that they can put a quality piece of work together. Some coaches have the ability but not the time. With a family, it is hard enough teaching and coaching for some.

Others may have the time but do a terrible job. If you really feel that you are good enough, talk to your parents about possibly putting the money together to get it professionally done. It is worth it to pony up the money if you really can make it at that level. At the very least, you have a nice keepsake for down the road.

Going back to the coach, don’t believe a coach if he says anything like that for making a highlight tape. You can send them whenever you want and don’t believe anyone if they say something different.

See for more on having a video done professionally.

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