I’m a senior to be with basketball recruiting interest. What do I do in order to get scholarship offers?

I'm a senior to be with basketball recruiting interest.  What do I do?While I have been focusing a great deal on football oriented articles, I think that this series of basketball recruiting articles is important for those those athletes as well.  This is a June update to the article so keep this in mind when looking into the recruiting process at this time.  Look for others as well later this month.  This article has been written before but is updated with new information that is important to this time of year.

For those top basketball players throughout the country, now is a very important time for you during the recruiting process.  The next two months will play a major role in what level you end playing at in college.  You may not realize it but you staying healthy and playing your best is the your biggest opportunity to receive a basketball scholarship at the next level.

What makes this time of year so special?  It is the fact that no matter if you are playing on an AAU team or with your school team, you will likely get a chance to showcase your skills in front of college coaches.  And if anything, I feel that the summer is more important in recruiting for basketball than during the actual season.

Because the month of July is the big period for the AAU circuit, now gives basketball recruits a chance to play with their team and attend some elite camps in your area.  It really depends on the school but many of these programs use these elite camps to find prospects that they want to offer.  While these camps are not all that expensive, make sure that the college is actually seriously recruiting you.  As I talked about before, many coaches bring in ten top recruits and then have to fill numbers so that their top recruits have players to compete against.

One of the advantages at many of these elite camps is that there are a wide variety of college coaches working the camp.  What that means is that even if State University is not going to offer you, there may be a Division II coach there that falls in love with your game and eventually offers you a full scholarship.  Speak with the coaches at the camp before signing up to see if other coaches will be in attendance.

June is also a time to work on your game, stay/get healthy, and help improve your team.  If you are going to be on the AAU circuit during most of July, it may also be a time to hit the weights hard.  Many schools are traveling to team camps so that they can improve their game.  And with these camps, many smaller school coaches make sure to visit as well.

A lot of teams throughout the country are playing in a summer league.  This is normally against local teams and gives you a chance to work on the skills that you have been trying to improve at.  If there are certain of areas of your game you are trying to expand, now is the perfect testing ground for them.

If you are currently not on an AAU team, it will not hurt to contact all of the teams in your state and see if they need someone at your position.  At the very least, they are going to say no to you.  If you can find a way onto the team as a backup or someone who can play if teammates cannot make it, this could help you with recruiting.  If not, focus on individual improvement and working with your teammates.

Because June is somewhat of a quiet month for basketball players, now may be a good time to take some unofficial recruiting visits.  The coaches at schools may be running camps for your kids but you can learn more about the campus, academics, and anything that you are interested in.  Please note that the campus in June vs. in October will be a lot different.

I really think that the biggest thing you can do as a basketball player is get ready for the AAU circuit.  College coaches from throughout the country will be watching you at one time or another and that is what you should be working for.  While a scholarship is not a for sure thing, now would be the best time to get one.

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