When exactly can Division II schools recruit me for sports?

When can Division II schools recruit me for athletics?As I have mentioned here in just about every article written, it is essential in the recruiting process to consider all of your options.  And while you may have grown up with Division I eyes, it may be time to consider other options.  They may essentially be back up options but the most important thing is that there are other possibilities to consider if your dream school does not work out.

So with that in mind, a great option to consider is looking at Division II schools.  While the schools are normally much smaller than Division I programs, that doesn’t mean athletics at these programs are played at a much lower level.  Many Division I athletes actually end up transferring to Division II schools.  If you are curious when these schools can recruit you, we have a few thoughts on the recruiting rules for Division II schools.

When can I receive recruiting material from Division II schools?
A school at this level can send you printed recruiting material beginning on September 1st of your junior year.  Many coaches actually sent out questionnaires earlier than that but the actual recruiting interest should not officially start until the beginning of your junior year of schooling.

Can I receive calls from Division II coaches?
A college coach at the Division II level can call you once per week beginning on June 15th between your junior and senior year.  They basically can continue calling once per week until you sign a Letter of Intent.  Like any other age level, you are legally able to call the college coaches are much as you want during the recruiting process.

Can a Division II college coach make off campus contact?
A coach at this level can have contact with you or your family off of the college’s campus beginning June 15th following your junior year.  If they are able to bring you in for a visit to their campus, they are able to talk to you as much as they want.  The college coach is however limited to three in person contacts off the campus.

Can I make official visits?
When classes start your senior year, you are legally able to make Division II official visits from that day fourth.  The NCAA only allows you making five official visits to Division I and II schools so take that into consideration before deciding where you want to make your official visits to.

Can I make unofficial recruiting visits?
You are allowed as many unofficial visits as you would like to take.  You are the one paying for them so if a school is really interested in you, they would love to bring you on campus as much as possible.

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