The lines you should expect to hear from college coaches throughout the athletic recruiting process and how to process them

The lines you should expect to hear from college coaches throughout the athletic recruiting processIf a college coach is recruiting you regardless of the sport, there are three options that they can basically do throughout the athletic recruiting process.  The first (and the best) is they can offer you a scholarship.  The second is that they will continue evaluating and recruiting you while the third is they are moving on and taking you off their recruiting database.

Again, the goal is to get to the first but most athletes are stuck in the second.  These college coaches want to pull out the evaluation card every single time that you talk to them simply because it is easier than saying you are not good enough.  But what are some of the most common lines and what they really mean?

Just to let readers know, I think for the most part that college coaches will either use these lines or something very similar.  The reason is because when talking to athletes about the coaches say, they seem to repeat the same exact phrases word for word.  So here are some of the common.

Line: Keep up the hard work
Translation: You need to work harder because you are currently not good enough for a scholarship
More: They want you to keep working hard but if they are saying this, then you are not currently good enough compared to a few other recruits at your position.

Line: We need to evaluate you at camp
Translation: If we don’t think you are good enough for a scholarship offer, then at least you are putting some money into our pockets by attending our camp/camps.
More: Cha-ching.  For real prospects that they have invited to Junior Days and called during the spring evaluation period, they really do want to see you.  For others, this evaluation is just adding cash to their pockets.

Line: Keep your grades up
Translation: There is no way that you will play at our level academically.
More: If they are talking about grades, more than likely there may be some question marks to qualify.  That is definitely a red flag for college coaches.

Line: You are a scholarship athlete/Division I athlete
Translation: You are a scholarship athlete for another school
More: If they say that, then why exactly are they not offering you a scholarship?  This is a terrible line to pull on anyone and it is my least favorite on this list.

Line: Keep in contact with us
Translation: We may not be recruiting you much anymore so stay in contact with us.  It is much easier for you to do that then us contact you.
More: They basically want to know if their conference rivals or any other big school offered a scholarship so that they can get in the mix.

Line: We want to see your progress this fall
Translation: There are other prospects that we like more who currently have offers.  If they pick another school come fall, then there may be a scholarship for you.
More: Scholarships normally don’t come in the fall unless there is another recruit who picks a different school.  If you attended their camp, then the coaches know exactly what they are getting with you.  In my opinion, you are more likely to get a scholarship in the fall from a school that has not been recruiting you early on.

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