Should I make a football recruiting tape for my sophomore year this fall?

Should I make a football recruiting tape for my sophomore year?I always stress the importance of making a recruiting highlight video after your junior season.  This is a complete no brainer and something that I stress for anyone wanting to be evaluated by college coaches.  You may not end up with a scholarship but a good highlight tape could help eventually open some recruiting doors for you.

One area where it is not as cut and dry of an answer is regarding a highlight video after your sophomore season.  Most college coaches are not going to extend many offers out to sophomores this early in the process so why should you bother making one?  Here are a few reasons for and against a sophomore highlight video.

So why should I make a football recruiting video following my sophomore year? The main thing in my opinion is to stay ahead of the game.  If a college coach requests video late in the summer before your junior year, you can send the highlight tape you have already pieced together.  If you decided against making one, then you will have to tell them to wait and then you will be scrambling to put together a quality product.  It is definitely a tough time trying to rush the process while also finding a solid company willing to help.

As I will talk about in an article later this week, it is very important to get evaluated as early and often as possible.  When I say early, I must stress that I am talking about after you have extensive varsity action.  You also must make sure these coaches know your age when you are sending early video out.  That is important because I would assume the coach would be expecting more from a prospect in the Class of 2014 vs. the Class of 2015.

The evaluation process is vital to getting a scholarship and showing how rapidly you have improved over the last three years of your high school career.  I have seen some highlight videos where it will include their latest highlight package (it could be your junior year video) followed up with sophomore clips.  This is just something to show to the coaches about that improvement I mentioned.  College coaches want to see potential scholarship athletes making strides year after year before offering them.

If you really think that you (or your son) has the ability to play college football, then getting going on the process as early as you can help.  If you are headed into your sophomore year, talk to your parents about potentially lining up a highlight video company for after the season.  You want to take the steps to get everything in place as early as possible so you don’t have to worry about it every time you think about recruiting or when a college coach requests a copy.

So why should I NOT make a football recruiting video following my sophomore year? The fact is that most football players don’t play much at the varsity level until their junior season.  You may be at a powerhouse high school program that rarely brings up sophomores.  If that is the case, then it is probably not worth putting something together.

As I mentioned in the introduction, college coaches rarely offer sophomores.  Unless your highlight tape is amazing and basically can really impress college coaches, then they are likely going to wait and continue evaluating you.  Many college coaches don’t need to see a sophomore highlight tape.  What they want is to see your junior highlights or to work with you in person at summer camp.

College coaches cannot get serious with athletes about the football recruiting process until September 1st of your junior year.  So why exactly should you spend money on something that college coaches can’t exactly request?  If anything, just wait until after your junior year.  You may be hoping for an early offer but they rarely happen.

And my final take is….. It could go either way.  I believe if you do a sophomore highlight video shortly after the season, it is worth doing.  However, if you are waiting month after month, then there is no reason to get it done.  You can help yourself the most in the football recruiting process by finishing it in the winter and being able to send copies as well as links to the online footage.

Look into your options and see what abilities your coach or companies have to do it.  If you feel the costs outweigh the benefits involved, then it is probably not worth doing.  But if it is something that you feel can help you with recruiting, then go ahead.  It is worth it.

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