Football Recruiting Questionnaires: How important are they and should I be filling all of them out?

Football Recruiting Questionnaires: How important are they and should I fill them out?For those football recruits out there reading this article, chances are strong that you have received at least one football recruiting questionnaire during the recruiting process. Because they are so repetitive in nature, some may consider them useless and may not take the time to fill out the forms. If you are doing that, I feel strongly that you are making a mistake.

The reason that these football recruiting questionnaires are sent out is so that college coaches can find out more about potential athletes. As I have mentioned before, college coaches have monster recruiting lists that they eventually whittle down. Coaches track who they send these to. And if an athlete doesn’t send back a football recruiting questionnaire, they are likely to take them off of their prospect list.

The worst situation is when an athlete has Division I eyes. I recently encountered this with an athlete in the Class of 2012. He felt he was a Division I basketball player so he eventually got to the point where he was Division I or bust. He didn’t even waste the time to fill out recruiting questionnaires for smaller colleges. Why bother if I am so damn good?

Because he spurned so many Division II schools, once the Division I programs backed off he had nowhere else to go. These Division II programs were not thrilled that he “big timed” them and moved on to other players who were happy to receive a scholarship offer during the recruiting process.

I have always said that you should consider all of your options during the recruiting process. I don’t care if it is the local Junior College that has a football team of thirty, at the very least, send back the information that they request. You just never know if one of their coaches will move on to a bigger school that you grew up dreaming to play for. The more options you have, the better regardless of the sport you play.

The reason that college coaches send out these football recruiting questionnaires is so that they can find out more information about you. Many coaches send them to the high school because they do not have your contact information. These coaches love to have their recruiting databases stock full of addresses, phone numbers, names of parents, and many other things that could help them down the road in the recruiting process.

Again, I want to stress that these football recruiting questionnaires are important. If you don’t feel like hand writing all of your information, at the very least send back your recruiting profile (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THAT). This will most likely give them the majority of the information that they are looking for and show that you are at least somewhat interested in their school.

As for the second part, yes you should fill these out in a timely manner. Take the ten minutes or so and be honest about your answers. Don’t inflate your stats because the coaches will not like the fact that you lied to them this early in the process. If you will lie now, why wouldn’t you down the road?

I have talked to different coaches at all levels about recruits. And the one tell tale sign if a recruit is interested in the school is if he returned a recruiting questionnaire. It may be something you don’t think is important but it is key during the recruiting process. So take these seriously and spare ten minutes to show coaches who sent you a letter that you will at the very least consider their school. Too many things can happen down the road for you not to look into all of your options.

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