Doing the extra work that will help you be a Division I athletic recruit

Doing the extra work to be a Division I athletic recruitGoing back in time to a place that seems like twenty years ago, I can freely admit I had little idea of the recruiting process.  I rarely got off the bench in basketball as a junior and still had thoughts that there was potential for me to play at the Division I level.  While size was on my side, coordination and skill definitely were not.  And neither was a realistic evaluation of my skill level.

And as I have talked about before, I ended up playing at the Division III level and had a solid career.  But that was after putting in what extra work before my senior year.  If I had worked harder in the weight room, done extra basketball workouts, ran, and put in that extra work, who knows what level I would have ended up at.  And that shows this extra work is a necessity for a number of athletes throughout the country trying to live their dream and play Division I athletics.

It is easy to talk up a big game and tell people that you workout six days a week and lift two times a day.  But are you really doing it?  The first thing that you must do as a hopeful Division I athlete is to in the work the right way.  If you are lifting two times a day and not pushing yourself, then those workouts will not be as productive as a rival opponent pushing himself as hard as he can for an hour in the weight room.  That rival could be your competition for the conference title and a Division I scholarship.

Once you are doing things properly during the mandatory workouts, now is the time to take your game to another level.  This could include a number of things and it really depends on your sport.  If you are a football quarterback, it may be talking some wide receivers into running routes after weight lifting.  On the basketball court, it may be getting your coach to put you through another workout so you can improve your ball handling skills.

My feelings are that if you are reading this site, you are not a freak athlete who can show up at camp and end up with a scholarship offer.  No offense to you as a reader but I think the majority of those that visit the site are athletes (Or parents of the athlete) that have a chance to earn a scholarship at the college level.  But they must prove they can play at that level.  In my opinion, the key is putting in that extra work as early as possible.

I also feel that you need to attend every workout unless you are on your death bed or possibly vacation.  If you are skipping on a Friday to hang out with friends or even your girlfriend, then that could end up costing you your dream to play at the Division I level.  That extra work shows that the journey to getting a scholarship is all about the little things.

It may be watching extra tape, being a leadership on the team, lifting longer than teammates, and running on your own.  But if you have spent your life wanting to play at State University and they are recruiting you, putting that extra work in may be worth it.

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