Receiving mid-major scholarship offers but wanting more from the school you have dreamed of

Receiving mid-major scholarship offers but wanting more from your dream schoolIn following the athletic recruiting process and talking with athletes, I always hear the greatest stories.  And luckily for readers out there, here is another story that may apply to you and could be interesting to think about while going through the recruiting process.  This story is about a basketball recruit but can definitely be applied to other sports.  For football recruits out there, just take mid-major and replace it with Division I-AA (FCS) program.

Here is the situation.  This athlete is an excellent basketball player who received scholarships early in his prep career.  He is a versatile player with size and skills on the court.  But the scholarship offers he has received are basically from mid-major programs.  Some have had a great deal of success in recent years while others have struggled.  But like all recruits out there, this player wants more.  He is still waiting on what I feel is his dream school to come and offer him.  The question is, what could he do to figure out what is really going on with his dream school?

In a perfect world, this dream school will evaluate him during the AAU season (college camps for those football recruits) and then be wowed by his play enough to end up offering him a scholarship.  The problem is that is likely not going to happen.  While this program does recruit him and will likely evaluate him this summer, if they thought highly enough of him, an offer would already be on the table for him.

I feel that he is what the college coaches consider Recruit C or Recruit D.  If the school decides that they need a player at his position (because there is always the chance that they bank the scholarship for the following class), then he may end up getting a scholarship.  It may however boil down to Recruit A and Recruit B picking another school, thus leaving him at the top spot in recruiting.

So how do you figure out the true intentions of your dream school and get a realistic picture of where you sit with them?  Unless the coaching staff at that school is extremely honest and straight forward with you during the recruiting process, it is going to be hard to figure out.  They are going to feed you line after line about how they are still evaluating you and want to see you in at their elite camp or on the AAU circuit.  College coaches know that they need a Recruit C just in case things don’t work out with their top recruits.  And in basketball, there is usually a bigger drop from Recruit B to Recruit C so I wouldn’t expect the coach to tell you that they are waiting on two others to make a final college decision.

I hate to be cynical but chances are honestly that this scholarship offer won’t come.  If only mid-major programs have stepped up to the plate thus far, why would a major school in a major conference be the first big time program to offer?

If for whatever crazy reason you still feel there is hope, here are two things that you can do.  The first is call them and ask them about where you are sitting on their recruiting board.  Again, expect them to sugarcoat everything and dance around the question.  This what used car salesmen, I mean college coaches, have to do.  That is their job and what allows them to make big money in athletics.

The second is to make 100% sure that they have everything they need to evaluate you.  It could be full game tape, a highlight tape, or your AAU/summer schedule.  You need to be positive that all this is at their disposal so they can take a look at you and your abilities.  It may be a long shot but getting all of this information in their hands and in front of their eyes definitely will make sure you did everything you could to get evaluated by your dream school.

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