What is the magic number of plays that should be included on a football highlight video to receive a scholarship offer?

What is the magic number of plays that should be included on a football highlight video to receive a scholarship offer?Recruiting-101 talks constantly regarding the importance of putting together a highlight tape, especially during the football recruiting process.  And since every reader follows this advice, you are working on figuring out the best way to showcase the skills of an athlete to be evaluated by a college coach.

But for those that go through seasons and seasons of tape for one highlight video, one question that obviously you will come up with is how many plays should be included on this video?  Should it be the more the merrier or short and sweet?

Before picking what I feel is the magic number to be evaluated/get a scholarship offer from college coaches, I must preface this by saying all situations are unique.  If you played one varsity game and were hurt, were you really that good on tape to get a lot of plays?  I would say on average, you need at least two game tapes to put together a solid highlight tape, if not more.

I have heard from a variety of sources differing opinion.  Some really feel that if you include every play, what it is going to hurt outside of wasting watching your five yard dive up the middle?  Other “experts” have said as low as twelve to fifteen plays.  If that was the case, I would think you may be cutting out some great highlights.

I feel the magic number of your highlights to be included on this recruiting video is thirty (which ends up meaning your highlight video should be somewhere around three to five minutes in length).  The reason I say thirty is that if a college coach wants to turn it off at fifteen, he can.  If they want to keep watching, then they can keep doing that.  It really is up to them with thirty plays included.

Again, this doesn’t mean that your highlight video has to include thirty plays to get a scholarship offer.  What you should do is round up all your top highlights and then end up somewhere between twenty five and thirty five.  If you hit thirty on the dot for highlights, great.  If not, try to keep that number somewhere near the magical thirty.

As I have said before, I really, really, really dislike the recruiting highlight video where an athlete puts every single play that they made during the season.  College coaches are not going to waste their time watching every rush or pass that you did during the season (that means you quarterbacks and running backs).  And if you are anywhere near single digits, it could be hard for the college coach to get a good feel for you.

One last thing that I must mention in regards to a highlight video.  For each play, think about this long and hard.  Is this a scholarship worthy play?  Does it showcase my potential to play my sport at the scholarship level and help me pay for my college education?

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