How do I get a Football/Basketball Recruiting Profile on as well as my highlight video added to my profile?

Intangibles during the athletic recruiting process24/7 Sports is the newest of the four sites we are profiling but has worked hard to put themselves on the map with the likes of,, and ESPN.  The good news is that since the site has been around the least, they have made finding contact information much easier.

Let me mention that before you try this, I would recommend having some solid stats and Division I interest to back up your claim of how good of a player you are. Chances are that if you should be listed in that database, then you definitely should have at least a minor amount of interest from schools at the Division I level.

First line of contact: For general inquiries, including prospect database additions/submissions, please e-mail  Here is  their contact our experts page.  These are the national guys that can get the job done so click here to see that page.

Other areas to follow up on as well:

JC Shurburtt
National Recruiting Director
Expert Area: SEC, ACC, Big East, National
Twitter: @jcshurburtt
Cell: 864-616-1742

Gerry Hamilton
National Scouting Director
Expert Area: National
Twitter: @GerryH247Sports
Cell: 713-502-7586

Barton Simmons
National Recruiting Analyst
Expert Area: Pac-12, SEC, National
Twittter: @bartonsimmons
Cell: 615-429-1857

Steve Wiltfong
National Recruiting Reporter
Expert Area: Big Ten, Big East, ACC, National
Twitter: @SWiltfong247
Cell: 574-286-4970

Keith Niebuhr
National Recruiting Analyst
Expert Area: SEC, National
Twitter: @Niebuhr247
Cell: 813-732-2702

Brian Perroni
National Recruiting Analyst
Expert Area: Texas, Louisiana, Big 12, JUCO recruiting
Twitter: @Perroni247
Cell: 832-465-0292

Justin Hopkins
Recruiting Writer
Expert Area: Pac-12, Mountain West, WAC
Twitter: @JHopkins247
Cell: 541-941-9244

When emailing these experts, ask them about getting a profile in the database. The next step after they set it up is to ask them where you need to send your video to be included.

One last final note. Please do not contact multiple people on this list asking them to add you. Find one that would be considered in your area and write an email introducing yourself. You may also want to include your recruiting profile as well.

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