How do I get a Football/Basketball Recruiting Profile on ESPN Scouts Inc./ as well as my highlight video added to my profile?

When looking at,, and, it was a breeze finding contact information and the email addresses needed to contact recruiting experts and get yourself listed in their database of top players.  But it was definitely a challenge to find much at ESPN.  It may be because they want to keep the database limited or that they just don’t have enough staff at this point to really cover high school athletics.

Anyways, I have done what I could to find as much contact information as I can to submit more information about yourself to ESPN.  The good news is that it does seem that they watch a substantial amount of tape and grade the players out.  While some are more accurate than others, this is at least a step in the right direction for their coverage.  For those curious, click here to see how they grade out prospective recruits.  Here is also where to search the database to see if you are listed

The main recruiting site of ESPN can be found at even though it is under the same umbrella of ESPN.

As for the database, let me mention that before you try this, I would recommend having some solid stats and Division I interest to back up your claim of how good of a player you are. Chances are that if you should be listed in that database, then you definitely should have at least a minor amount of interest from schools at the Division I level.

The great new is they actually have a form that can help.  Click here for that.

Where to send video?  I was actually able to find this:

ESPN Recruiting
92 Montvale Ave.
Suite 4850
Stoneham, Mass., 02180

As always seems to be the case with ESPN, putting contact information is too damn hard so all they do is link their twitter handles.  If you are the worldwide leader, you can do what you want.

Senior national recruiting analyst: Tom Luginbill
Follow Tom Luginbill on Twitter: @TomLuginbill

National recruiting analyst: Craig Haubert
Follow Craig Haubert on Twitter: @CraigHaubert

Senior writer: Mitch Sherman
Follow Mitch Sherman on Twitter: @MitchSherman

East and Southeast reporter (Ky., La., Miss., Tenn.): Dave Hooker
Follow Dave Hooker on Twitter: @DaveHookerESPN

East and Midwest reporter: Jared Shanker
Follow Jared Shanker on Twitter: @JShankerESPN

Florida reporter: Corey Long
Follow Corey Long on Twitter: @CoreyLong

Florida reporter: Derek Tyson
Follow Derek Tyson on Twitter: @DerekTysonESPN

Midlands and Southeast reporter (Ark.): Bob Przybylo
Follow Bob Przybylo on Twitter: @BPrzybylo

Midlands reporter: Damon Sayles
Follow Damon Sayles on Twitter: @DamonSayles

Southeast reporter (Ga., N.C., S.C.): Kipp Adams
Follow Kipp Adams on Twitter: @KippLAdams

Southeast reporter (Ala.): Greg Ostendorf
Follow Greg Ostendorf on Twitter: @GregO_ESPN

West reporter: Erik McKinney
Follow Erik McKinney on Twitter: @EMcKinneyESPN

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