The five things you should do if you currently DO NOT have a athletic scholarship offer on the table

The five things you should do if you currently DO NOT hold an athletic scholarship offerWhile the goal is to get an athletic scholarship, I would assume that the vast majority of families out there reading are ones that currently are offer less at this point of the recruiting process.  But the good news is that you are on the right path because you are doing your due diligence and educating yourself about the process by reading this site.

For those that do not currently have a scholarship offer, I have put together five different things that you should be doing in order to separate yourself from the competition.  The first thing that I think you must do is take a hard look at your current recruiting options.  They obviously haven’t offered you a scholarship for some reason.

1.) Re-evaluate your athletic recruiting options
It is nearly the end of July and if you do not have a scholarship offer, something is up.  What I want you to do is take a long look back at your recruiting information that you have kept about the schools showing you interest.  If you are a Division I-A (BCS) recruit, it may be worth looking on Scout and Rivals and seeing where the recruiting stands with the programs that are after you.  You need to research the commitments and if there are athletes at your position going to one of the schools recruiting you.  If they are, study the depth chart and talk to the coaches about where you stand.  Again, if it is this late in the process, the major chance that a scholarship comes your way is if another one of their recruits decides to attend another school.  While the quarterback dominoes are always played up, the recruiting dominoes are felt everywhere.

2.) Broaden your horizon and market yourself to new schools
There is a reason you don’t have a scholarship so what you need to do is get your information and videos out to new coaches to look at.  This may mean broadening your search from your surrounding states to within a ten hour driving distance.  Taking the time to do this is very worthwhile simply because there may have been great schools athletically and academically in a state you have never looked into.

3.) Get prepared for the coming athletic season and the recruiting pieces that come with it
If it is football or basketball, the upcoming season will be approaching far faster than you think.  That is why now is a great time to get your ducks in a row regarding the season.  Have a recruiting profile ready to be updated once stats to get going.  How about a website?  Do you have a highlight video company lined up?  Think about these things before you are forced to scramble with it being so late.

4.) Put in the extra time
X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 can be a lot of fun.  But if you are serious about earning an athlete scholarship, put the games away and get yourself putting more time into your chosen sport.  It could be shooting 500 more jump shots in the evening for basketball.  You may want to lift weights for an extra 30 minutes or try to run a mile each day to get in shape.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing now.  Bump up the workouts and prove that you have what it takes to make the strides needed in that sport.

5.) Lower your expectations
Your mind may tell you that you are a Division I athlete but your slow feet may tell coaches that you will be lucky to play Division II.  Coaches know what they are talking about so again, there is a reason why there are no offers on the table.  Because of this, go at least a Division lower than the schools you are looking at.  If it is only Division I-A (BCS) schools, start contacting Division I-AA programs.  If it is Division I-AA, then look into Division II colleges.

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