As a multiple sport athlete, should you narrow your focus to one sport or consider all of your options in the athletic recruiting process?

As a multiple sport athlete, should you narrow your focus to one sport or consider all of your options in the recruiting process?The majority of high school athletes have skills in a number of sports.  This athleticism is what has helped you catch the eye of college coaches and also intrigued them about your ability to be a standout in multiple sports.  For most of these athletes, it is obvious what their future sport will be in college because you may just be much better at one sport compared to a few others.

But what about the athletes who excel in two and maybe even three sports?  You may be already receiving college interest for all of these sports.  With camps, showcases, AAU, summer teams, and things along that line, making an effort in all the sports is nearly impossible.  So should you just play all two or three sports at the highest level and hope the interest will come?  Or should you focus on the one you love the most/are the best at?

While it may be tough for most multi-sport athletes, I would honestly try to rank the sports that you are considering at the next level.  I know many will say that my favorite is the sport I am currently in at the time but I need you to look beyond that.  Think long and hard about each sport, if you can see yourself playing it for five more years, and what it would be like without that sport in your life.

The goal with this step would be to find one sport.  The reason is that it is much easier to focus on one sport in the recruiting process than two or three.  If you excel at football, basketball, and baseball, think about the things that you will need to do outside of each regular high school season.  For baseball, you will need to go to showcases during the winter, spring, and possibly summer.  Football basically requires you to do camps in June.  Basketball needs you on the AAU scene during the spring and July.  Basically there is no way to do all three.  So if you are considering three, then you need to narrow that down to at least two.

Considering two sports in college is going to be hard but is possible.  In this scenario, we are going to talk about getting recruiting attention for both but only playing one in college.  If you want to play more than one sport, than this probably isn’t the article for finding advice about that.

Again, the reason why picking the sport that you love the most makes things easier is because to get a scholarship, you most likely need to market yourself and do the summer work that could be camps, AAU, or showcases.  This basically is a must for those hoping to get recruited by colleges in the sports that you love.

If you are considering multiple sports, it is also double or triple the work.  If you are a basketball and football player, then you may have to put together two separate highlight videos (note: putting them both on one disc is not worth it).  Then you also have to spend nearly double the time researching the schools, checking out their programs, and emailing the coaches.

In the end, the smart decision would be to focus on one main sport and possibly a secondary sport as well to consider playing in college.  But you do have to realize that you want to do whatever is going to make you the happiest, not give you the biggest scholarship.  I have seen basketball players spurn scholarships at the Division I-AA (FCS) and Division II levels simply because they loved hoops more.  Each went to Junior Colleges for basketball and left some big scholarship money.

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