The importance of work ethic during the athletic recruiting process

The importance of work ethic during the athletic recruiting processIt doesn’t matter what sport you play, if you are hoping to continue that sport at the college level, you will need either a strong work ethic or an amazing God given athletic ability that allows you to get by without working that hard.  The time and effort that you have to put into any sport, even at the Division III level, is much more than what you put in during high school.  And that is a major reason why your work ethic is important at all levels.

Basketball coaches love to find players who are called a “gym rat” because he or she loves being in the gym hours everyday.  Football coaches love to find athletes who have exceptional work ethics in the weight room and on the track trying to work harder than their opponents to make them the best athlete that they can be.  And when coaches do their background work on athletes, laziness can really turn them off of a prospective recruit.

I recently had the chance to speak with a college coach about a player that he was recruiting.  At one point, this Division I coach sounded sure that he would be offering this player.  The player had done well during the summer and the coach was really serious about him.  But he also knew that there were not all that many Division I schools showing him interest so he decided to do some background checking.

This coach was from the same area as this athlete and did what he could to find out information.  Another college coach told him that there were rumors floating around that he was lazy and didn’t work hard.  While some coaches can overlook that about prospects simply because they are that amazingly gifted, coaches will not do that about a borderline Division I athlete.  That is a huge red flag during the recruiting process for football, basketball, volleyball, chess, or whatever sport you play.

The reason is that if there is a borderline Division I athlete, this player must be able to outwork his opponents to be able to put himself into a position to succeed at the college level.  If there is a borderline Division I athlete who is lazy and doesn’t work all that hard, this is a recipe for disaster.  Eventually the coaching staff becomes frustrated with the kid and he likely ends up transferring.  This hurts the staff because they wasted a few years on a kid and it hurts their overall APR as well.

Anyways, I am writing this because work ethic is important in all sports at all levels.  Like I have said, if you don’t love the sport that you are playing, it is going to be hard to be successful over a long period of time.  That love and work ethic normally go hand in hand so make sure that you are looking into a sport that you love in college.  That will only push you to succeed even more.

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