What should be included in your athletic recruiting tool box and how to use it to your advantage in the long run

What should be included in your athletic recruiting tool box and how to use it to your advantageRecently there was a Verizon commercial that talked about your tool box for small business.  They said that their company offered enough solid products that this could be a huge help to businesses.  And if you have the right things needed, a good tool box definitely can help you grow your small business.

So I got to thinking that throughout the athletic recruiting process, having a good toolbox full of goodies would definitely help you battle through the process.  This is a difficult process so getting your tool box setup ahead of time will definitely help matters.  Now what exactly should be included?

As always, let me preface this by saying that if you don’t have any skills in your sport, then the greatest tool box in the world won’t matter.  This tool box certainly can help you in all sports at all levels.  Here is what I would include in mine:

Computer with Internet access
How families researched colleges before the Internet is a mystery to me.  It takes seconds to find the athletic home page for most schools.  Having a good computer with an Internet connection (preferably not AOL) is a huge help to the entire process.  Another reason to have a computer (which I am sure 99% of readers do if they are viewing this article) is to put together an athletic recruiting profile as well as post your video footage online.

Static Cell phone (static means it doesn’t change)
Giving out one number to college coaches will make it easy for them to track down athletes.  I know many athletes that have changed their numbers multiple times and honestly, it is not a smart thing to do.  Unless a college coach really wants to recruit you, he won’t try and find the new number.

Static Email Address (static means it doesn’t change)
Same thing as cell phones, you don’t want this to be changing every week so pick one and stick with it.  This is another means to communicate with college coaches.  This email address has even more importance because you will be marketing yourself to college coaches with it.

An excellent filing system
This never gets the credit that it deserves.  Being able to track which college sent mail, emails, and called is something that is a huge benefit to you and your recruiting tool box.  It doesn’t matter if this filing system is done with envelopes, folders, or even on the computer.  It just must be done.

Reliable transportation
I have mentioned this story before but when I was in high school, I only made one college visits because we were simply unsure that our car was reliable enough to make more out of town trips.  Having reliable transportation is huge for getting to schools.

Your high school coach
Trying to get yourself recruited is going to be extremely difficult if your high school coach is on your side.  You need his help, assistance, and guidance at times.

Your high school guidance counselor
You need to make sure that you will be qualifying to play college athletics so your guidance counselor can help you with that.

Your family
I have said that having your family on the same page is a huge help in the recruiting process.  The more that can go to bat for you, the better overall.  They will help with organization, travel, marketing, and so many other things.

Experience or someone who has been through the process before
Having done it before or being able to ask a parent who has been there before certainly helps.  Is it a must?  No, but throwing questions at those that have done it before help.  Do take everything they say with a grain of salt because even if someone has done it, you are not sure if they did it right.

This site needs to be in there, right?

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