The athletic recruiting process for ALL sports is very similar and why you can use that information with this site

The athletic recruiting process for ALL sports is very similarIf you have been a long time reader of Recruiting-101, there is no doubt that you would have realized that we focus mostly on football, basketball, and then add in some baseball as well.  Yes, it doesn’t seem to be fair in the over athletic equation but I personally don’t know how much that really matters.

My points is that regardless of the sport, the athletic recruiting process is pretty similar in football and golf.  Or basketball and softball.  There are some time changes as far as when recruiting gets started and the official title of their summer teams, but I do believe that the lessons I talk about in regards to the athletic recruiting process can be applied to all other sports as well.

I feel that the most popular sport I write about is football.  Because of the sheer numbers of football players trying to be recruited, I think that helps me bring in the most readers.  So how exactly could those lessons I talk about in regards to football translate over to softball/baseball?

That is very easy in my opinion.  Let me state that I believe the major difference is at the Division I-A (BCS) level, football coaches can only offer full scholarships while softball and baseball are allowed to offer partial scholarships.  This is something that varies greatly because you could be a baseball player who brags about your scholarship and it is only 10% of your tuition.  If you are a Division I-A/BCS scholarship football player, the school is paying for your entire schooling.

For football recruits, college coaches want you to visit the campus.  They will try and bring you in for game day visits and Junior Day trips.  These coaches know that getting an athlete to campus is half the battle.  The same exact statement could come from a baseball/softball coach as well.  While they may not try to bring in the sheer numbers that football does, these sports have Junior Days and try to get athletes that they like onto their campus to show them their facilities, academics, and give them a better overall feel for what the campus is like.

Unlike basketball, it seems that these sports do wait a little while to extend scholarship offers.  Unless the athlete is just a freak of nature, then all three sports won’t be offering too many freshman and sophomores.  The reason is because it is hard to get a real feel for their abilities early on.  Again, basketball is so much different in terms of this.

Top football recruits spend the summer going to football camps in order to impress college coaches.  Top baseball/softball players spend months playing for club teams and attending showcases.  Each allows the athletes to get in front of college coaches so that they can determine their abilities.  Camps are much more important in football but baseball/softball coaches will offer standout players at their camps.

There may be a difference in the how much media attention the recruiting process for both receives (football = way too much; baseball/softball = very little) but the same lessons can be applied to each.  Some of my recent articles about a teammate being recruited is for all sports.  There was also the lowdown on unofficial visits and broadcasting your recruiting attention.  If you are looking in the correct context. they all apply.  I believe that while there are differences between all sports, the overall athletic recruiting process is similar regardless if it is football, badminton, lacrosse, or anything else.

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