The importance of recruiting calls from college coaches this time of year

The importance of recruiting calls from college coaches this time of yearI recently had the opportunity to speak with a recruit about the amount of college interest he has been receiving.  He named a variety of big schools and some smaller ones as well throughout the area.  When asking these questions to athletes, they are not exactly going to be 100% honest.  I am not saying that they are lying but few athletes honestly are only going to talk about the Division III schools that are really recruiting them.  They are going to talk about the bigger programs that may be showing them interest in other ways.

But for senior football recruits out there, here is one question that can sum up the recruiting process for you.  Which schools have called you?  If you are a senior football recruit, think about that for a second.  You may love State University and hope to get a scholarship there but the only attention that they may be showing you is mail.  Maybe there is a Division I-AA school in your area as well and their only contact has been through email.  As great as those are, calls show a lot in the recruiting process.

It doesn’t take a college coach more than ten minutes to call a prospective athlete on the phone.  If they are interested in you enough right now that they may eventually offer a scholarship, there is no doubt in my mind that they should be calling you at least two times a month.  Per NCAA rules, they can actually call you once a week so only two calls a month is not all that much.  If the school wants you that bad, they can take the twenty minutes of their time to make those two calls.

I wasn’t planning on preaching to this recruit how the bigger schools that are not calling may be pipe dreams.  He will unfortunately have to find that out for himself.  But as savvy recruits and families out there are reading this, seriously, take a moment and think about the amount of schools that are calling you.  You may have Division I dreams but if it is only Division III schools that are contacting you, it may be time to start getting realistic about the recruiting process.

I don’t want to burst your bubble because those bigger schools may eventually try to get you to walk on at their school in the end.  You may show enough with your recruiting highlight video to catch their eye and help improve your stock in the eyes of the coaching staff.  But if you are on the radar of a school (which means mail, emails, etc.) and they are not calling right now during your senior year, the preferred walk-on spot is most likely all that you will be getting in 99.9% of the situations out there.

If you are in this boat, you may now need to re-evaluate your options and start looking at a variety of different schools.  If you are receiving Division III calls, you may start to target more of the Division II schools around your area and try to get them interested.  Unlike the Division I-A coaches, they are more likely to look into new prospects late in the process because they start so much later.

The Division II schools may be calling you so it may be time for you to look into your Division I-AA options.  This is completely up to you and may not be worth it.  But if you want to play college athletics at the highest level you can and get some scholarship money during that time, shopping yourself around to new schools may be a great way to do that at this time of year.

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