Including only scholarship worthy type plays in your recruiting highlight video

Including only scholarship worthy plays in your recruiting highlight videoFor some sports like football, an outstanding recruiting highlight video can make or break what type of attention that you will receive in the recruiting process.  I have stressed for years the importance of having a quality product put together and the impact that it can have on you.  But in working on one recently, something really stood out to me.

If you read different sources, some say you need to include your best twelve plays, your best twenty plays, or any other random number you can come up with.  But in my mind, there is one thing you should really think about when producing a recruiting highlight video.  Is this play scholarship worthy?

If you are the one doing the highlight video yourself, that question is something that should enter into your mind every single play that you use.  If you are hiring it out, make sure that the company you have gone with knows what they are doing and has an eye for what college coaches are looking for.

I hate to bring this story up again but a recent recruit had his highlight video produced by a company in their home town where most of their work was done with wedding.  The video was well presented but the problems occurred when the plays started.  The first video of the recruiting highlight video was of the athlete at quarterback handing the ball off.  Do you think him handing the ball off was scholarship worthy?  What is even worse is that this recruit was not even being recruited at quarterback.

The moral of that quick story is that even if you have friends who know how to edit video, make sure they know what college coaches are looking for.  If they don’t, then move on.  There is no doubt in my mind that it is worth paying a few more dollars to someone who knows what they are doing.  That knowledge can be the difference between a scholarship and a walk-on spot at the school.

Going back to the main theme of the article, if you are a running back, think about if each play you put is scholarship worthy.  Is a two-yard touchdown up the middle really going to help you get a scholarship?  If the answer is no, don’t include it.  The touchdown appears on your stats so if it is lackluster, it doesn’t need to be in your highlight video as well.

What you want to include are the impressive runs.  It may be a play where you juked someone, broke through a tackle, or gave a great stiff arm.  Even if these plays are only 10-yard gains, the ability that you show may make the difference in the eyes of college coaches.  Breaking three tackles and juking someone for 15-yard is more scholarship worthy than a perfectly blocked 80-yard run where no one touched you.

So before finalizing that highlight video, go through each and every one of the plays that are included.  Is this play good enough to get me a scholarship?  And if you don’t know or are too bias to tell, then it may be best to hire out the video and get it done by a professional.

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