When do college coaches visit high schools to see football recruits during the fall and winter?

When do college coaches visit high schools to see football recruits during the fall and winter?If college coaches visit your high school to specifically speak to your high school coach about you during the fall or winter, that really is a good thing.  It doesn’t matter what level that these coaches are at.  What matters is that they are taking the time to learn more specifically about you and your abilities.

But when do college coaches come make trips to schools?  Is this something I should be looking forward to and waiting for?  The answer is that it really depends on the coaching staffs and their dates during the fall and winter.

Due to a time constraint, the majority of college coaches may take visits once during their own season.  There obviously will be exceptions to this rule but the majority of college coaches make trips to the high schools only during their bye week.  The reason is because they have a little more free time and that allows them an opportunity to look at recruiting and not focus on their next opponent.

Outside of that, it really is hard for a college coach to make trips to schools during the year.  Recruiting is vital to their job but they must win games in order to keep that job.  They are focused on both the opponent, their own players, and occasionally recruiting.  Throw in family and that makes for very little free time for any college coach in the fall.

The time that these coaches usually take their visits to high schools is November, December, or later.  Their regular seasons are normally over and if they are good enough, the coaches will get a chance to push their athletes during bowl practices.  These practices are demanding but not as vital as the few days during the week that these coaches have to prepare for a conference opponent.

Non-Division I-A (BCS) schools likely will go during those December and January.  Do realize that their budgets are smaller so they will likely be staying closer to home.  They may also visit schools in order to check in on multiple prospects and not just you.  It is harder to tell their true interests when they are trying to find out more information on multiple athletes as opposed to just one.

Don’t get down if college coaches have not paid visits to your high school yet.  The telltale sign for the football recruiting process right now for seniors is phone calls.  These visits are nice and everything but weekly calls from schools will show that they are seriously interested.  And if there are no calls or visits, go back to The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer and start marketing yourself to new, smaller schools.

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