Would you seriously consider a school who came in with a last minute scholarship offer during the athletic recruiting process?

Would you seriously consider a school who came in with a last minute scholarship offer during the athletic recruiting process?Obviously the theme over the last few days on this site has been about Signing Day 2014.  We know football recruits throughout the country have made and will make decisions in order to sign on February 5th, 2014.  But even the best laid out plans sometimes get thrown for loops this late in the process.

If there was an early signing period, maybe the impact of this would be lessened.  But for those football recruits out there, don’t be surprised if you get some late night calls from colleges that you may not have heard from in the past.  The question is, should this be something that you seriously consider?

I have said it before and I will say it again but the only reason why I believe you should decommit to a school is because of a coaching change or if the school deadlines you.  A college decision is based on relationship building and unless you feel comfortable in a hurry with the new staff, changing your mind is fine.  And if a college deadlines you, then I believe you have every right to say that you are moving on.  If they are going to be questionable and pull something like that, then I feel you can too.

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So in order for a last minute scholarship to come and be thought about seriously, assume that the college coaches you committed to did deadline your scholarship.  What should you do if State University comes calling with a scholarship?  First, you must realize that they are offering so late in the process because they are desperate.

Chances are strong that they received a decommit from a player at your position.  These coaches do have to still keep up their recruiting boards in case of something like this happens.  And in this case, you may have been their C recruit but they know they need a safety like yourself.  You have spent most of your life routing for State University but they showed you very little attention during the recruiting process.

Why you should consider State University?
Obviously you have dreamt playing for them.  If they are an in-state school that you grew up following, chances are strong you have been to games and likely your parents have a connection to the school.  It may be late but this opportunity obviously doesn’t come around all that often.  If it is an in-state program, is also means that you will be getting a chance to stay close to home.

Why you should stay committed to the other school?
Like I said before, desperation by a coaching staff does help athletes land scholarships late in the process.  But why didn’t they extend that offer to you four months ago when you were hoping and praying for it?  This is a situation that makes the football recruiting process so tough.  There is always a domino game of recruiting where if State University loses a recruit, they steal one from another school.  And the cycle goes on and on (similar to what colleges do when their coach leaves).

You may have grown up following this school but you have build an incredible relationship with the coaches that landed your commitment.  Now this staff is trying to build a relationship in the matter of a few hours and get you on the merit that they are State University.  When it boils down to it, do you really think they are not going to try and over recruit you (although this does happen everywhere)?  Your Letter of Intent may say you are picking the institution but the relationship you have with the coaches is what I believe to be the most important factor in a decision.  That is why I feel you should stick with your commitment.

What if a bigger school comes calling late?
This is another interesting what if scenario.  Say you are committed to Fresno State and have been for the last two months.  But a new staff at USC gives you a call and wants you to take an official visit.  They found your tape on Scout/Rivals and like what they saw.  Since you are close to their campus, making the trip wouldn’t be flying across the country.  You can also consider this scenario for Division I-AA recruits getting Division I-AA attention late, Division II recruits getting I-AA attention late, and so fourth.

I personally believe turning down a school like USC would be tough if you are headed to Fresno State.  But to me, loyalty is something that you need to put a high premium on in the football recruiting process.  I will talk about it more this week but coaches are shady.  Like every business, there are some very questionable figures who are shaping the future football players of this country.  So definitely look into your options but the loyalty that a staff like Fresno State has shown you should be something you need to think long and hard about.

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