I’m a junior football player with no offers and no college interest. What should I do?

I'm a junior football player with no offers and no college interest. What should I do?While seniors are finishing up the recruiting process and trying to figure out where they will be playing in college, for those juniors out there, many are wondering what exactly they should be doing at this point in the recruiting process.  If you have logged extensive varsity playing time and have stats, then you can take one of two options.

The first is to wait and let the recruiting process come to you.  The problem with that is you may be waiting a long time before the schools you are very interested evaluate you, if they do at all.  The second option is start the recruiting process yourself and give yourself a head start in the eyes of college coaches.  You can take whatever way you feel more comfortable with but taking the second is something that I would strongly recommend.

I do have to say that if you saw very little playing time as a junior, it is going to be tough to really get much response from college coaches.  Unless you are a 6-foot-7, 285 pound lineman or can run a 4.5 40-yard dash, it is going to be tough.  There are exceptions but in most situations, you were likely not playing for a reason (an injury is a different story by the way).

If you played a great deal, have good stats and/or earned postseason honors, now is a great time to get the recruiting process started.  I am not promising a scholarship by any means but this is your best chance to eventually get evaluated by college coaches.  There may be a reason why no schools have sent mail or really you could be a diamond in the rough.  It really depends on a case by case basis.

If I had a son in this situation where there was no current attention from college coaches, I would follow the five steps to a scholarship (Click here for the link to the separate articles or click here for the articles in an e-book).  The reason to follow these steps is that they will put your and your skills into the best situation possible to get evaluated by college coaches.  Taking these steps is a much better move than randomly sending out your highlight video (if you haven’t read the articles on this before, just don’t do it).

Going back to the five steps to a scholarship offer, the first step of putting together a recruiting profile is rather simple.  It needs to break down your size, stats, accomplishments, academics, and contact information.  Feel free to add anything else of interest that could help draw the interest of college coaches.

One you finish the recruiting profile, the next step is for families to break down what specific schools are going to be a good fit for the athlete.  Try to use the entire family when putting together information as opinions of others should be valued.  In the end realize that the final decision is that of the athlete, not the mom or dad.

After you have found a good number of schools that fit academically, athletically, and socially, now is the time find a coach at the school to contact.  In most situations, search for the email address of the recruiting coordinator.  Once you have found it, send an email to him about your interest in the school and make sure to attach the recruiting profile.

The fourth step can come at two different times.  You can either make the highlight video (see www.highlight-videos.com for a professional and inexpensive video) before you get interest from coaches and try to post it on a variety of websites (Youtube and others).  Having this video available early may help you draw interest of coaches, especially if you can email them the link.  The other option is to wait and make sure there is recruiting attention before making the video.  Either works but if you are for sure going to make the video, you might as well do it early.

Following the fifth step would be to create a website.  The reason is rather obvious.  If you send a recruiting profile to a coach, you can tell them to make sure to check out johndoe.com.  This is a great way to give them easy access to your video and it allows them to find out more information about you quickly.

There is no doubt in my mind that taking these steps will be a huge advantage for you in the recruiting process.  You can tailor your search how you want it but this gives your skills on the football field the best chance to be evaluated by college coaches.

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