Recruiting-101 January Links of the Month

Here are ten of the best articles from Recruiting-101 from January.  They all apply in regards to the recruiting process.

1. What is a Junior Day during the athletic recruiting process? Who gets an invite?
2. I played out of position on the football field and have very little video footage for a highlight tape. What should I do for recruiting purposes?
3. What are the ten biggest factors in a college decision for athletic recruiting
4. I’m a junior with football recruiting interest but no scholarship offers. What should I be doing?
5. Including only scholarship worthy plays in your recruiting highlights
6. The garbage that college coaches can pull late in the athletic recruiting process and what you can do if it comes up
7. 10 things to do if you are a senior and have an athletic scholarship offer
8. What will college coaches think about a suspension and how will that factor into the athletic recruiting process?
9. I’m a senior and my football scholarship has been pulled/changed. What do I do this late in the recruiting process?
10. A high school coach is needed throughout the athletic recruiting process
10. How do I research what other prospects a college is recruiting for football or basketball?

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