More than one athlete on a team can play at the college level and why the better your team, the better for you

More than one athlete on a team can play at the college level and why the better the team, the better for youA few weeks back I got an email from an athlete talking about a teammate.  His teammate has much better college potential because of his size along the offensive line and college coaches have taken notice of that.  What this teammate did, in my mind, was very questionable.

He basically just emailed me destroying the teammate and his abilities.  He hyped himself up in the process but the overlying theme that I got out of the emails was his lack of respect for his teammate.  And for the record, his teammate is getting early Division I attention at this point.  I don’t know if there is jealousy involved or what but it didn’t sit well with me.

The last thing an athlete should do is basically throw a teammate under the bus.  I don’t care how much you hate him or don’t respect his skills/work ethic in your sport.  It just should not happen and it makes me question in a huge way the overall attitude of this athlete.

What this player needs to realize is that just because he has a teammate who is going to be playing in college and is a football recruit, it won’t be stopping him from following the same path if he has the skills.  If anything, having a recruited teammate may actually be a benefit to both parties involved.

When the evaluation period starts and say State University comes in to talk about Recruit A, their high school coach may talk about Recruit B and his abilities as well.  The coach will likely call both of them down to “bump” into the college coach and just say hello.  This gives him a chance to potentially pass the eyeball test.

Chances are that if you have two or more recruits on your team, that you are going to win more games than a school that has zero recruits (this does depend but it normally the case).  The more games you win, the better chance you have to play in front of college coaches deep in the playoffs.  And the more success you have, the better your chances for potentially being named All Conference and All State.  These honors are not needed to get a Division I offer but they certainly help matters.

Two recruits can also help reduce travel expenses.  I know that there are some families that have emailed me about saving money during the recruiting process.  One great way is to have a teammate or someone in your area who you befriend.  When there are Junior Days or unofficial visit, you can bum a ride from them instead of having to fit the travel bill all yourself.

If you don’t know any of the other players at the visit, having a teammate there will certainly make things more comfortable.  That is at least until you meet some other people there.  So really, it is important to realize that having another teammate being recruited can be a good thing.  If a school has enough talent, scholarships will be extended often.

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