When should I be expecting college coaches to call?

When will college coaches call?With now being the open period and college coaches legally being able to call, some wonder if and when these coaches will be calling. Let me mention that these coaches have until the end of May to call but can only call a prospect one time during this spring evaluation period. They can visit your school but only one call can be made.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, a call from a college coach is a pretty high priority. The ultimate goal is to get a scholarship offer but I can honestly say that I think a phone call is next in line when it comes to importance. It doesn’t mean you will get an offer or a walk on spot but it definitely is a good thing.

From what I have seen in the past, most of the college coaches are using the early part of the evaluation period to go to high schools. During that time period, the coach gets a chance to size up the recruit, check in on their academics, talk to their high school coach, and see tape (If they haven’t already).

During that time, the coach is visiting as many high schools as they possibly can. This is a big benefit to them because it is another step to narrow down their database of athletes. If a player is listed at 6-foot and the coach feels that he is closer to 5-foot-9, chances are strong that the college coach will move on. If grades are an issue and the prospect is borderline for the level that they are at, don’t expect to get much more recruiting interest.

The majority of coaches use that early evaluation to really learn more about the kids, what type of people they are, and see them up close and personal. While many of the athletes may blur together because the coaches are traveling so much, this will eventually help them reduce their list at the end of the month.

Prospects have been telling me that college coaches have been emailing them and saying that they will be calling at the end of the month. The reason that they are waiting is because the coaches want a chance to talk to the prospects about their summer camps.

Let me state for the record that if a college coach actually calls you and talks to you about attending their summer camp, they will at least evaluate if you are good enough at the camp. It doesn’t mean you will be getting anything outside of some coaching and a t-shirt from the camp, but it is much, much better than getting a generic camp invite in the mail.

If you do have college coaches stopping by the school and programs sending mail daily, don’t worry about the calls at this point. I wouldn’t say that they will for sure be calling but my guess is that they are waiting until camp nears so that they can speak to you about it.

Again, this really just depends program to program. Some college coaches want to call prospects early on so that they can make a first impression. Others may want to call late and be the last ones to talk to the recruits. This gives them a chance to talk about camps and a possible visit in the future.

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