Recruiting-101 March Links of the Month

Here are ten of the best articles from Recruiting-101 from March.  They all apply in regards to the recruiting process.

1. The importance of April and May for junior football recruits across the country
2. The thirty second rule in recruiting highlight videos and how this is a must for all potential recruits
3. I am a junior in the football recruiting process with attention and no scholarship offers. What should I be doing in the month of March (Part One)?
4. Being professional on all fronts throughout the athletic recruiting process and the importance of it
5. What does an athletic scholarship cover financially? What should I expect?
6. How do college coaches narrow down recruiting databases and eventually offer their top recruits?
7. How independent football recruiting combines work and their process for finding athletes that are “invited”
8. Will unofficial visits help me in the eyes of college coaches during the athletic recruiting process?
9. I’m a sophomore/freshman with football recruiting interest. What do I do in March?
T10. Should you inflate your height and weight on your athletic recruiting profiles?
T10. My child is fantastic. Why is he not being recruited by college coaches?

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