Top Recruiting-101 Articles from May 2014

I'm a junior to be with football recruiting interest.  What do I do?Here are some of our favorite articles from the month of May. Enjoy!

How to finish the evaluation period strong and decide on summer camps during the football recruiting process
The cost of the athletic recruiting process and what you should be expecting
Yet another thing to think about when putting your highlight video and recruiting profile together
The importance of academics on the long road for a scholarship
Summer football recruiting camps are rapidly approaching. What should I be doing to be ready for them?
Can you take away the bias on your kids’ athletic ability when evaluating them?
Should I cross Division I schools off my list if I didn’t get any calls or high school visits throughout the spring evaluation period?
I’m a junior with football recruiting interest but no offers. What do I do right now to take the next step?
If I shouldn’t pay for a recruiting service to help, why should I pay money to get a recruiting highlight video to be produced?
How college coaches fill numbers at elite basketball & football camps
College Camp Advice Athletic Recruiting going into the summer

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