What does the first scholarship do for you as an athletic recruit?

What does the first scholarship offer do for you as an athletic recruit?My guess is that those athletes and parents who read this site are not doing so in order to be able to get a chance to play their sport of choice at a Division III program.  It just doesn’t work that way and it probably never will.  The goal obviously is to do everything that you can so that you eventually earn a scholarship offer to help pay for the costs of receiving an education in college.

So what happens when that first scholarship offer eventually comes?  It doesn’t matter what year you are in high school because there is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most important times for a recruit in a number of different ways.  It should help open up doors while also being a stress reliever as well.

Takes a weight off the shoulders
The number one thing that I hear from recruits in regards to that first scholarship offer is how their is a weight lifted off their shoulders.  If you are reading this site, I assume the goal is to help yourself or someone close to you get that offer.  And when it comes, it is a huge relief.

Legitimizes you as a recruit at that level
If there are questions about if you are a Division I-A football recruit, getting an offer from that level shows that at least one coaching staff thinks you are.  Getting a scholarship offer from that level will make you a legitimate recruit, no doubt about that.

Reduces worry about paying for all of college
The price tag of college seems to go up everyday.  If you receive a full scholarship or a large percentage scholarship at that school, it will be an extremely relieving thing.

Helps to garner interest from other schools
This is huge when it comes to overall college recruiting.  If a school in the Big Ten presents you with your first Division I-A offer for football, you want to make sure that all of the other ten schools in the Big Ten (yes, there are eleven but don’t ask me why) get your recruiting profile saying about how Michigan State offered you.  That scholarship from a rival school will make you a legit recruit in their eyes at that level and make them take a much harder look at your recruiting information.

Makes you work harder to get more
I guess this one depends on the recruit.  But since I try to think positively, here is what I think a scholarship offer could do for you.  The one finally comes to the table but you obviously want more.  That means you are going to work harder as an athlete as well as harder in marketing yourself to college coaches.

There are a number of other reasons as well but these are just some of the things that recruits get to go through once that first scholarship offer is on the table.  The recruiting process for football, basketball, baseball, or any sport you play is never easy.  But if you follow the steps listed on this site and have enough skills, hopefully you will get a chance to read this list and let it sink in after your first offer just came.

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