Top Recruiting-101 Articles from June 2014

I'm a junior to be with football recruiting interest.  What do I do?Here are some of our favorite articles from the month of June. Enjoy!

What is the magic number of plays that should be included on a highlight video to receive a scholarship offer?
Football Recruiting Questionnaires: How important are they and should I take the time to fill them out?
The lines that are coming from college coaches throughout the athletic recruiting process
What does the first scholarship do for you as an athletic recruit?
Getting evaluated during the athletic recruiting process and the importance of getting it done early
Where to make sure not to skimp in the athletic recruiting process
What role should your high school coach play in the athletic recruiting process? (Part 1)
Football/Basketball Camps: How to know if you performed well in the eyes of college coaches
I got a verbal scholarship offer at a summer college football camp. Is that scholarship still on the table?
How can you tell the priority of a summer camp invite from coaches during the recruiting process?
The thirty second rule in recruiting highlight videos to keep in mind
I’m a junior to be with football recruiting interest. What do I do during the month of June?
Dominating a highlight video and what to do and not to do
When is the exact date that Division I-AA/FCS schools really start the football recruiting process for athletes?

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