If I haven’t gotten any recruiting calls from college coaches, what should I do?

If I haven't gotten any calls from college coaches, what should I do?One thing that is extremely difficult about going through the recruiting process is being realistic about what level you can play at.  I am sure the majority of players who grew up routing for State University want to go play there.  The problem is that State University is looking for the best athletes in the country and the number that they take on scholarship ends up being extremely limited.

So if a school that you grew up loving and would do anything to play at has not called during the May evaluation period, what do you do?  To be completely honest, the first thing that you need to do is be realistic about the situation.  While you may love them and would do anything to play there, the lack of interest that they are showing you may be a sign that they don’t feel you are good enough to play at their level.

In 100% of the cases that I have seen, if an athlete attends a camp and the school ends up offering, it is because they have been interested in the athlete and called him during the evaluation period.  I am sure there are a few cases here and there where an athlete ends up dropping the jaws of college coaches but in every case that I am aware of, the school has been interested beforehand.

For example, an out of state player went to the Wisconsin football camp last summer.  He had been completely off the radar in the eyes of recruiting sites that cover the Badgers for Scout.com and Rivals.com.  But when he went to the camp, he played his best football of the year and ended up with a scholarship (He did eventually sign with them).

I recently contacted this prospect just because it was the only case where I remember where the offer was far from expected.  But when talking to him, the Wisconsin coaches had been recruiting him hard, called during May, and stopped by the high school.  That just shows that even the surprise offers are hearing a lot from schools, even if the recruiting sites are not giving them much attention.

As a recruit without many phone calls, you know need to start being realistic about the recruiting process.  Yes, Division I schools cannot legally call you again until September 1st.  But Division II schools are able to call after June 15th before your senior year.  Are there any at that level calling?

If you had kept your options open from the start and considering every school that had sent material your way, it could help you at this time.  If no Division I schools called in May, it could be time to start looking into Division II options.  If no Division II schools are calling you by the end of the month, it may be worth it to start looking more heavily into Division III and NAIA schools.  If you think that you are better than the attention you are getting, Junior Colleges are also an option.

While I always say that you do need to market yourself to colleges and do what you can to get your name out there, sometimes it is really important to be realistic about the recruiting attention that you are getting.  If you have already sent out profiles, tapes, and attended camp, yet there is not much interest, it may be time to try and get a realistic evaluation from a college coach.  They will always tell you that you did great at their camp but I wouldn’t want to be negative to someone who just gave me $300 either.

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