Does having a teammate who is also being recruited help or hurt you in the athletic recruiting process?

Does having a teammate who is also being recruited help or hurt you in the athletic recruiting process?There are some high school programs who are blessed with multiple Division I athletes year after year.  They send a number of players every decade to that level as they have proven to be a pipeline for colleges.  Other high schools may be lucky to have a Division I athlete once every fifty years.  It really just depends on the school, the population of the area, and a number of similar factors along those lines.

But if you are one of the lucky ones who is at a school that has other college prospects in your class, is that going to help you or hurt you?  Will you be overshadowed by your own teammates or will having someone talented next to you help open doors that may not have been opened without them?  Find out as we take a look at all of this now.

I think that sometimes it does depend on the sport and the school as well.  Some programs are better equipped than others to handle the recruiting process of multiple athletes.  Most of the schools that do have pipelines to the scholarship level in college have a system in place that will help send athletes there as well.

A school like this is great because it most likely means that you have a coaching staff who has helped athletes through the recruiting process before.  They may not know everything but they have helped previous athletes at that school go on to the scholarship level.  And while that it not always necessary, it certainly is not going to hurt you having a high school coach know what he is doing.

It is sometimes also easier for the college coaches to call the high school coaches and ask about multiple athletes as opposed to trying to track down separate high school coaches.  Another financial factor that this could help is it eases the burden of travel with camps and unofficial visits to schools.  You have a built in travel buddy with you.

While there are some obvious benefits, there could be some reasons why it hurts both athletes.  Again, it does depend on the sport but jealousy could creep in.  It depends on the relationship between the two athletes (and their families, let me stress that) but in a sport like basketball, if one athlete is taking all the shots, the other may get frustrated.  An athlete could also be disappointed if their teammate gets a scholarship offer but they put up better numbers over the course of the season (this happens and is a great case for why the high school seasons don’t matter much in recruiting).

You may also have a high school coach who either is new to the recruiting process or just doesn’t have the time to handle two athletes being recruited.  I have said this before but high school coaches are stretched in so many different ways year after year.  Putting the time and effort into two athletes in one class may be an impossible task for some college coaches to juggle.

I think in the long run if you can avoid the jealously issue, it is a huge benefit to have a potential college athlete along side you.  I would assume it would help your team win more games, and if you can get to State, that should help the recruiting for both players.  If one sends out tape, the college coaches are always looking for anyone who can play so that may help you as well.  If you are in this situation, I would feel blessed that someone else has put in the time and dedication to the best as well and that should only help the team and your abilities grow.

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