Football Signing Day Checklist

Time may have flown by quicker than anyone expected but Signing Day is finally here for football recruits across the country.  I firmly believe that if you followed the advice we brought every single day on this site over the last year and have some talent on the gridiron, then you should be signing your National Letter of Intent today.

So what should I be doing today?  If you are signing, it really depends on the school.  Some programs have multiple signees each year while others may have a scholarship football recruit once every decade.  Regardless of what your school is doing, we have put together a checklist for Signing Day.

Items you will need:

A pen
Sounds obviously but you need to make sure that you are signing that National Letter of Intent with something.  Pick your favorite pen because a pencil just won’t cut it.

A fax machine
The quickest way to get the NLIs to college coaches is to fax them to them.  So make sure that your school has a fax machine available to lock you in at your future school.

Your reading glasses
You certainly should have already read over the NLI (this stands for National Letter of Intent by the way) because the coaches will get it to you early.  But if you haven’t, breaking out the glasses and reading it is important.

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A digital camera
Signing the NLI is a great photo moment for your family as well as your high school coach.  Chances are that everyone there put in a lot of time and dedication to help you achieve the goal.  With that in mind, capture the magic with a photo.  Bonus: send the photo to your media connections that you have built over the years to get your smiling mug on a website or a newspaper.

Other things to do/not do:

DO Enjoy yourself
This is a once in a lifetime moment.  There will be no other time in your life that you will have an opportunity like so enjoy yourself as things are wrapping up.  Realize that the coach that has sucked up to you over the last two years is now going to get after you to make you the best football player possible.

DO NO Panic
If you did your research, made visits, and put the time in, you really should be comfortable about signing with the college you picked.  While you are basically stuck with that school over the next year (unless they let you out of your NLI, which usually doesn’t happen), the key is that you made the best most educated guess that you could.  If you did that, come in confident and avoid any panic attacks.

Do Take things seriously
This really is a big honor for you, your family, and the school.  Make sure to take things seriously and realize that you are representing a lot of people.

DO NOT Fake your recruiting
As Kevin Hart proved a few years back, if you lie about your interest and hold a press conference committing to a school, the truth will be figured out quickly.  Hart was not the brightest bulb around so don’t think you will live your dream by lying.

DO Thank those around you who helped put you in this position
Like I wrote above, your coaches and family played a huge role in your success.  You may not realize it now but there is no way that you could have gotten where you are now without their help.  So make sure to thank every one for the role that they played.  This includes head coach, assistants, parents, family members, and teammates who helped push you as well.

Signing Day is a huge day so enjoy yourself and finalize your college plans.


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