What to do and not to do on recruiting highlight videos in hopes of dominating the recruiting process

I have had a chance to look at hundreds and possibly thousands of highlight recruiting videos over the last decade. During that time, I have seen a great deal of outstanding highlight videos as well as some terrible videos that would not get the top player in the country a scholarship.

Like other articles that I write, I want to help those that are currently going through the recruiting process and am happy to share my advice about what to do and not to do when putting a recruiting highlight video together. While these are not sure fire ways to get a scholarship from USC and Texas, it is advice that will help you showcase your ability in front of college coaches. You obviously have to be able to play but these should help in the long run.

DO highlight where you are on the field – The last thing you want is a college coach guessing where you are on the field.

DO NOT include every highlight from the past season – Coaches do not want to see the five yards you gained on a dive or the power layup you made. Do not have your highlight video more than five minutes.

DO put your best plays early in the video – The coach won’t be watching the highlight tape for long so try to impress them early.

DO NOT include film that has lighting or quality issues – It is a waste of time if the video quality is bad to put together a highlight video.

DO have your parents film the games if the tape that the school produces is bad – This is not a great situation for your parents, but it could help you get a scholarship.

DO NOT include the same play from different angles – Unless you did something amazing once or twice on a tape, do not include a different angle or a replay. Again, don’t waste the time of a coach.

DO put the time and/or money into producing a quality highlight video – If you can play, it is worth putting your time and/or money into either doing it yourself or having it professionally made.

DO NOT write your name on the DVD with a sharpie marker – If you were looking for a job, you wouldn’t write the cover letter of your resume with a sharpie mark. Think about being professional at all times.

DO put the DVD in a quality package – Again, just think about being professional. I recently was sent a highlight DVD in a Chex Christmas CD wrapper. That was one I will never forget.

DO NOT forget to let the coaches know what number you are – While highlighting yourself on the video is what you want, make sure they know what number you are when watching the video.

DO make sure all of the DVDs work before sending them out – I recently got a DVD that didn’t work. I wasn’t surprised when I received the second copy that the quality was terrible.

DO NOT spend thousands of dollars to have your highlight video produced – It is a waste of money to get a movie quality DVD made. Coaches may think it is too good.

DO consider your highlight video part of your professional resume to the schools you send it to – As mentioned above, you need to be professional.

DO NOT rely on a coach or a friend to put together a quality highlight video – They may make big promises but sometimes they don’t come through. Always have back up options available.

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