If I shouldn’t pay for a recruiting service to help, why should I pay to get a recruiting highlight video to be professionally produced?

I think I might just be lightening up a little bit overall on recruiting services. While they are not for everyone and can be expensive, there is no doubt that certain recruiting services can be helpful in situations where time is limited. For that I owe an apology to the all of those that work for recruiting services throughout the country (and I know you are reading!).

Anyways, if money is tight and you can’t afford a recruiting service, than why exactly would I tell a family that they should get their highlight video professionally produced? If you can learn more about the recruiting process, can you not learn more about what is needed to put together a recruiting highlight tape?

Before going into this, hudl and similar sites hold your hand through the process.  They do a great job helping athletes and if you have the skills, time, and confidence that you are putting together the very best package, then do it.  However, if there are any questions, then look into getting into done by an expert.

I am going to take a look at this question from both sides. While I think getting your highlight video professionally done is a great thing that can help you in the recruiting process, it may also be something that you have the skills to do if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and a little money.

Why you should get a highlight video professionally made

  • They should be able to do it quicker and give you a timetable as to how soon it will be completed.
  • Their work should be better than what you are able to do.
  • They will hopefully package it in a very professional manner that draws attention from college coaches over other highlight tapes that they receive (the name written on a DVD with a sharpie is not the way to go).
  • Some people are intimidated by technology and don’t want to take the time to learn new software.
  • Time is limited (it seems that time is limited for everyone by the way).
  • Spending money on software and not using it/learning it is very costly overall.

Why would should do a highlight video yourself

  • It is another bonding tool that can bring your family closer while doing it together.
  • If you have more than one athlete who is going to be recruited, this is a great way to save a lot of money overtime.
  • It adds a skill to your resume and a possible way to make money with teammates of your child.
  • You are not relying on others to do the work and thus you are accountable.
  • It is your child and you may know exactly the way that you want to present their abilities (and hopefully have the technical skills to do so.

Each situation is unique. One athlete may have a computer programmer for a parent who has the abilities to learn new software and make a highlight video. Another may have a parent who is a CEO at a company who doesn’t have the time to spend learning new programs. Take the time to think long and hard what you want to do before putting together that video because it will be a major factor in the chase for a scholarship offer.


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