How vital phone calls are from college coaches currently in the football recruiting process

As someone who talks with football recruits throughout the country, I can say flat out that I love the months of April and May.  The reason is because this is the time to separate the haves from the have nots.  It finally shows what recruits have serious recruiting interest and others who don’t.

First off, why are calls so important?  I will say that at least 95% of athletes who get Division I-A/BCS offers get calls from the colleges during the spring evaluation period.  There are exceptions but again, at least 95% of these eventual offers come from schools that call at this time.  If you think State University is serious and could offer, a call is nearly a must.

If you talk to a junior football recruit in the month of March, they can talk about how great their Junior Day visits were, how they have gotten so many camp invites, and all the hand written mail that they have received from college coaches.  Each of these cannot hold a candle to how much a call means.

First off, some schools invite hundreds of athletes to Junior Days.  While it is a cool experience to see the school, most colleges are covering their bases by mass inviting as many athletes as possible.  You might as well light camp invites on fire because they mean nothing.  They are a money grab from the college coaches.  They know that certain athletes will go to the camp just because you send them an invite.  It doesn’t mean anything.

As for hand written letters, it definitely won’t hurt anything to receive them.  But you really have no idea who exactly wrote them.  And if they are taking this time to write a hand written letter, why wouldn’t they touch base with you over the phone?

Phone calls are vital because it means that a coach at that school is actually taking the time out of their busy days to touch base and show how important you are as a recruit.  It may last five or ten minutes but it shows that you are high enough on their board to show that attention to.

Some colleges will wait until late in the evaluation process to call but I can figure out very quickly what level a college thinks a player is.  All you have to ask a junior football recruit is what colleges have called you since April.  You will often see the athletes shift the question and talk about how he talked to one school and how another visited the school.  What really matters is the call.

I have wrote it many times before but if you are going to major Division I-A/BCS camps this summer and your calls are from Division I-AA/FCS schools, then you are likely wasting your money at the camps.  The reason is because these bigger schools don’t consider you, at least at this point, to be a serious recruit.  They may invite you to campus, send mail, and say you need to come to camp.  But in the end, if a call doesn’t come, you are risking a large sum of money for nothing.




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