The more media interest in you, the better that it will help your athletic recruiting to get your name out there

One mistake that I have seen a lot in the last few years regarding recruits is that they want to pick and choose what media outlets cover them. This doesn’t happen all that often but for whatever reason, a recruit and their parents decide that they don’t want to do an interview with one website yet will do that same interview with another website.

Let me stress that if you think just doing an interview with the State University website will help you get a scholarship from there, I feel strongly that this is a mistake that you are making. While the college coaches will read an article no matter what Rivals/Scout/ESPN/etc. website it is on, unless you are a top fifty recruit, you are not in a position to pick and choose what sites write about you.

The reason that I am writing this article is partially out of frustration but more out of how I feel about recruiting interest. I understand that athletes are busy and sometimes don’t have the extra time in a day to do multiple interviews. But most of the athletes that have many requests everyday for these multiple interviews already have scholarship offers.

In the past, I have either been turned down on the phone or just not received call backs from prospective athletes. Shortly there after, there would be an article about them on the State University site. The reason why I think they are doing this is because they think that article with the State University will help them get a scholarship.

I have been told by many college coaches that what some of the lower level coaches at their school do is print articles that have to do with kids that they are recruiting. It could be on any sites on any network and yet the coaches will still see this. And while my opinion is bias because they declined the articles (I am not going to try sugarcoating that any other way), I still think it is a huge mistake.

As I have said before, the more attention you can get in newspapers, magazines, and websites, the better. If a coach from the Division I-AA school near you has not been recruiting you but sees that State University is after you, then they will likely add you to their prospective recruiting list. And since State University has a limited number of options for scholarships, you need to keep your options open. As I have said many, many times before, recruiting is a game and you just never know what will happen.

So if you receive a call from a site on any of those networks or a newspaper, I would recommend doing it. The interview should last less than ten minutes and the biggest thing that it does is help get your name out there. And by out there I mean in front of college coaches and fans. Some may consider it bragging or hyping yourself up but those same people are not the ones with the ability to earn a college scholarship in the coming months.

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