A college football coach told me he only wants full game film. Should I no longer make a highlight video during the recruiting process?

In the football recruiting world, myself and many others have stressed the important of the highlight recruiting video.  We want you to spend your time or money putting together a great video.  And if you don’t, you will certainly hurt yourself in the football recruiting process.

So in speaking with a parent who attended a Junior Day, he told me that the offensive line coach at this major Division I-A (BCS) program told him that they don’t want highlight tapes, they want full game tapes.  So if I have been preaching time and time again about how you need a highlight tape to get recruited, is my stance changing?  Do you now just need to send out full game tape?

I will tell you right now that the answer is no, you need a highlight video.  Regardless of what this coach says, there are a lot of reasons as to why.  I will also explain why this offensive line coach wanted just a full game tape from these recruits as well.

First, there recruits that were likely at this Junior Day were among the top of their recruiting database.  It doesn’t mean an offer will be coming but these recruits either have the size, honors, or recommendations from their coach/experts that they can play at this level.  So if there are twenty offensive line recruits at the top of this recruiting database, the coach would go through twenty full game tapes.

Depending on how well trimmed the game tapes are, my guess is that they would average out to about 45 minutes.  If there is some fast forwarding involved (which I know there would be), the coach is likely to spend 30 minutes per game tape (if not less).  But hypothetically, if he watches 20 game films at 30 minutes each, that is ten hours.  For his top recruits, I could see him finding a way to do that.

The problem is for other recruits.  This is a major Division I-A program who gets recruiting videos from athletes throughout the country.  If there are 300 other offensive lineman recruits that sent full game tape, do you think this coach would watch all of these and not want a highlight video?  300 game tapes at 30 minutes per film ends up being 150 hours.  That is something a college coach does not have.

The reason that he wants to watch a full game tape is because making an offensive lineman look like an All Stater in twenty plays is not all that hard.  Someone big enough should have enough pancake blocks and ability to look good in that series of plays.  The full game tape allows this coach to see how the lineman moves every play, if he goes hard 100% of the time, and if quicker defenders give him problems.  While I was surprised to hear he wanted full game tapes, I do understand why he wants that from top tier recruits.

At most schools though, you are likely not going to be a top tier recruit right away.  That is why making a highlight video is so important.  The majority of colleges want to be wowed by your highlight video.  Once you do that, they will take the time to add you to their recruiting database and possibly watch that full game tape.  That is why I feel when putting together a recruiting highlight video, having the highlight video and the game tape on the same DVD is a great way to speed along the process.  If you are using hudl, the hope is that your coach can help you send the full game link to college coaches as well.  Simplifying the process is a must.






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