How do I get college coaches to watch my recruiting highlight video?

I wrote yesterday about how you should not waste your time “cold sending” recruiting highlight tapes to college coaches.  That is something I doubt I will ever change my stance on.  But it also had a number of users asking about what they need to do to get their highlight videos in front of college coaches and be able to be seen.  In order to get that dream scholarship, these coaches need to see your highlights and your ability on the tape.

So in order to help recruited athletes get this tape in front of college coaches, I have come up with a few suggestions that could help move the process along.  For this, there is no magic formula because it depends a great deal on if your recruiting profile would be impressive enough for college coaches to want to learn more about you.  In some cases they will and others they won’t.  But anyways, here are a few ways to give your highlights the best opportunity to be seen by the eyes of college coaches.

Before I get started, I may seem like a broken record in saying this, but make sure to check out The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  Many of these same steps are talked about in that article.  Checking out both articles and thinking long and hard about what you can do during the recruiting process will really help you.

Put together a solid Recruiting Profile
The more awards and impressive stats that you have, the more likely a college coach will put you into their recruiting database.  As I have said before, do not inflate your stats or even round them up.  The last thing you want to be caught in is a lie so don’t fib on this recruiting profile.  It is your resume and the college coaches are the ones that will be interviewing you.  Keep it professional and up to date.

Market yourself to College Coaches
You need to take the time to find the college coaches that match your interests as far as academics and athletics.  Once you find those schools, email them with your recruiting profile and tell them all about why they should take a look at you.  Be persistent in this but also try not to be annoying.  There is a thin line between the two.

Put together a quality highlight video
I have seen some poor highlight tapes as of late so you really have to realize that putting together a quality highlight tape is something that is important.  If you want this final product to be watched by college coaches, you want this to be as solid as possible.  Don’t waste the beginning of the video on pictures.  Get to plays quickly.

Make your video highlights available online
Link to hudl, youtube, or where it is hosted online.  This is a huge need.

Try to get yourself listed with Rivals, Scout, and ESPN
I know for a fact that the majority of college coaches throughout the country use these sites to find prospects and watch video.  If you can get yourself listed and possibly get them to add video highlights of you, that is a great step in the recruiting process.  It doesn’t mean that a scholarship is on the way but it does mean that coaches can possibly find you through those means.  (Rivals Advice, 247Sports Advice, Scout Advice, and ESPN Advice).

Have your high school coach follow up with college coaches
A high school coach is key in the recruiting process because this coach will not have the bias that a parent.  College coaches also will be more willing to work with a high school coach because the college may recruit an athlete at their school down the road.  They don’t want to burn any bridges.  So having your high school coach follow up with college coaches is a great way to get them to look at your video and possibly get an honest evaluation.

Excel at summer camps
Before your junior year of football, let’s say that you decide to attend State University’s summer football camp.  This is a great recruiting tool for the coaching staff and something that allows them to get in early with recruits.  If you perform extremely well, there is no doubt that they will put you on their recruiting list.

Have All State seasons on the football field
Some college coaches will at least send questionnaires to those that had All State seasons.  This doesn’t mean you are really being recruited but it does mean that you are at least on the radar.  The better season that you have, the better chance that the college coach will at least look at your highlight video.


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