Advice on sending out senior game tapes to college coaches during the football recruiting process

Once your junior season of football ends, I believe it is extremely vital to put together a recruiting highlight video that you can send to college coaches and post online at a number of free websites.  But what about seniors during the middle of the season?

If you have followed the steps outlined in The Five Steps to a Scholarship and are good enough, then I would expect that college coaches would want to see game tapes from your first two to four games.  I have made fun of it before college coaches will tell you to keep working hard and that they will keep evaluating you following their summer camps.  These game tapes are the further evaluation that they are looking to do.

First off, the reason that these college coaches are requesting these game tapes is for a few different reasons.  The first is that they want to see if you made any progress since their summer camp.  If they told you to work on your flexibility and strength, if you have done so, it should be obvious on the game tapes.  The second major reason is they want to get a feel for you when you don’t get the ball.  Are you taking plays off?  Are you being lazy when the ball is not rushed your way?  These are things that they want to know.  This is also why you should never take plays off.  Is a five second rest worth costing you a scholarship?

With this being your senior year and halfway through the month of September, there is a decent chance that you have already played three full regular season games (don’t include preseason/scrimmages).  They are not looking for a highlight tape, they want to see the whole enchilada.  So how do you figure out which coaches to send the tapes to?

With it being two weeks into September, how many college coaches have called you?  Have you asked them about the evaluation process?  What do they believe you need to do next?  If they take the time to call you this fall, then they are interested in your abilities.  You need to figure out what they want.  My guess is that they want these full game tapes.

Do not, I repeat, do not send three game tapes to coaches that are not showing you much interest.  While I can see you sending game tapes to school that didn’t call, I can promise you it would be easier to just throw away the game tapes than send it to a school that has not been showing much interest overall in the recruiting process.  This cold sending rarely works for a three minute highlight video.  Just imagine what will happen with three hours of game tapes.

Hopefully you will have no problems securing game tape from your high school coach.  This is very important simply because you must be able to get good game footage to send out.  If not, how exactly are coaches going to be able to figure out if you worked on a few areas of weakness?

My overall thoughts are that you should send out three game tapes to colleges that are recruiting you.  However, I must say this.  I don’t recall any Division I school suddenly offering after seeing this game tape.  These Division I coaches likely have a hierarchy of recruits.  You may be the third offensive tackle that they are recruiting.  Athletes normally get that scholarship if the two players ahead of you pick another school, leaving you as the top option.

There are situations where this does occur but in all honesty it is rare.  That is why I feel you should be marketing yourself to different schools.  If you don’t have any offers and have Division I-A attention, look for Division I-AA schools.  Your quickest way to a scholarship is likely to open the door to a new school and see what they think.




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