Why do you really want to play Division I athletics?

While I was growing up playing basketball, I don’t ever recalled the reason why I would do individual workouts, lift weights, and put so much focus on hoops was to play Division III basketball.  I don’t ever recall having any sort of mantra about how I have grown up hoping to play at a level where they cannot legally give out athletic scholarships.

What I am getting here is the fact that many athletes all aspire to play Division I.  It is the highest level and will pit you against the toughest players from all over the world.  But why do you really want to play Division I?  Why has it been your dream growing up?

I don’t believe I have listed everything but here are some of the main reasons why athletics want to play at the Division I level.  It doesn’t matter the sport because all of these factors should apply to anything at Division I.

Schools at the Division I level will give out the most money based on athletic abilities.  If you are a good student, you can get academic scholarships basically anywhere.  But for sports, you may be able to get a full ride at a smaller school but Division I schools like likely hand out the most cash based on your potential over the next four or five years.

It is obvious that Division I athletes get the most recognition on Sports Center as well as locally.  They are on the front of the paper and have a wide variety of reporters covering them.  Also being pointed out by those within your school is also something that a lot of Division I athletes enjoy (unless of course you are stalked like Tim Tebow).

Take a look at Penn State, Ohio State, and Tennessee on game days during the football season.  Would you rather play in front of over 100,000 crazy fans or 1,000 parents and friends while playing at the Division III level?  It is an obvious choice.  I would assume that little compares to the going out of the tunnel on Saturday at one of the biggest stadiums in the country.

Telling people that you played Division I is a huge reason why so many athletes have Division I eyes.  By that they focus all of their marketing attention on Division I schools.  It is basically big school or bust and will spurn other programs in the process.  While saying you were a Division I player is great, having a good college experience is even better for the long term.



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