I am a senior football player with college interest. What should I do now?

In this series of articles relating to a variety of sports and a number of different age groups, I have to admit that the most important one is those in the senior class in this situation.  If you are a senior football player with interest but no offers, you need to figure out quickly what the interest level of the schools that are recruiting you.

While scholarships have obviously not been offered yet, it is pretty easy to see what schools are showing you the most serious attention.  The way that you can tell is which are the coaches that are calling you.  If you aspire for the Division I level and are only hearing on the phone from Division III schools, then it is going to be a difficult process to get to that level this late.

For most senior football recruits, chances are that your season now is somewhere around the midway point (It could be earlier or it could be later, it just depends state to state).  What that means is that you should be sending out full tape tape from the first two or three games of the year.  If colleges are serious about you, especially those at the scholarship level, they will have requested this already.  And as soon as it is sent, make sure to let them know.

If you have done the right thing and already sent it along, now may be a great time to follow up with the coaching staff.  Yes, they are busy this time of year but if they are serious about you as a potential scholarship recruit, then they should have watched it at last within four weeks.  There is no doubt about that at all.

In the majority of situations when recruits send game tape, I honestly hear the same thing very frequently.  They will tell you to keep working hard, finish your senior season strong, and we will continue to evaluate you.  Coaches at this point honestly have a good clue as to who they are going to offer and what ability the player has.

There are two things that can change your status with a school in a lot of situations.  The first is if a prospect at your position commits elsewhere and that leaves an open scholarship.  I wrote about an athlete who was recruited hard by this Big Ten school but they had not offered.  When one of the commits to this school picked another program, the school offered that prospect waiting in line.  While schools may say they are further evaluating, unless you blow them away with that video footage, they are waiting on other recruits.

The second situation is if another school ends up offering you.  For example, there is a quarterback last year who had a fantastic senior season.  He had low Division I-A offers at the time but interest from a lot of bigger schools.  Due to a coaching change at a school recruiting him, they ended up extending the scholarship to him.  Because an in-state program didn’t want to lose him, they extended the scholarship.  It was almost like a domino effect in a short amount of time.

If you have sent out your video, got an evaluation, you can do one of two things.  The first is to wait and hope that something comes through from the schools that are recruiting you.  I honestly feel that you are rolling the dice if take this option.  Yes, you could luck out if something comes up but what if others end up taking those scholarship spots.  Would you be happy walking on there?

What I would do is dust off your recruiting profile, update it with senior stats, and start finding some new schools that interest you.  It may be too late in the process but taking this step definitely will not hurt.  Go through steps #2 and #3 of The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  This is the way to broaden your recruiting base and see what else is out there.  You may be dead set on a school that is making you wait but there could be greener pastures out there somewhere else.

The fall is also a great time to be making college visits.  These unofficially visits may be paid by your family but at the very least, you will be getting a free football game out of the deal and a chance to meet the coaches at the school.  It may be clear that State University is not recruiting you but if you can get tickets, it may be worth taking a trip.

The final recommendation for seniors is to have a great season and help your team win as much as you possibly can.  The better your senior tape, the more doors that you could open.  And the more that you win, the better chance your team has of getting to State and playing in front of a large number of college coaches.  While it is harder when you really shine as a senior to push that into recruiting attention, it is not going to hurt to excel in your final year of prep football.  It could really help the football recruiting process.


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